Benefits of Working in a Quiet Environment

In today’s working environments, many people have adapted to almost constant noise exposure. From car engines to cellphone notifications, distractions and disruptions are plentiful. While some people seek working conditions with subtle noise in the background, others require quiet and solitude to focus. Regardless of your working preference, there are benefits of quiet office spaces.

3 Reasons to Work in a Quiet Space

  1. Reduce Stress

Constant exposure to loud noises can subconsciously induce stress and lead to overstimulation. Due to higher stress levels, it can be hard to focus. This may keep you from being your most productive self. While loud noises can be those you might first think of, such as work environments with factory and construction equipment, prolonged exposure to any noise can cause stress and reduce productivity. That’s right, even a traditional office. Constant voices, typing clicks, music, and notification noises surrounding you can impact your productively more than you may think.

  1. Help You Learn

Working in a quiet space can help you retain information from what you are working on or learning. Because you can give more attention to one thing, more of your brain power will go towards helping you understand your work. A quiet space can even help you learn new skills more quickly. The more you can focus on one thing, the more likely you are to remember it.

  1. Make You Happier

A quiet environment allows you to be with your thoughts and avoid external stimuli. This can help you give more brain power to reflecting on what you are feeling in the present moment and seek internal solutions to problems, rather than allowing yourself to become distracted and letting emotions pile up. Being present with yourself and your emotions can reduce anxiety and keep you present and in tune with yourself. A stronger headspace will allow you to focus on your work without distraction and use your time productively.

How to Make Your Home Office Quieter

Now that you know the benefits of a quiet room at work, it’s time to put these benefits into action and make the most of your workday with a quiet and peaceful workspace.

3 Tips to Make Your Office Quieter

  1. Remove Distractions

The first step to keeping your space quiet and peaceful is to remove distracting noises that you can control, such as turning off phone notifications. Even a ticking clock could be getting in the way of your quiet and productive environment.

  1. Seal the Room

To decrease noise from outside your office, seal any holes or gaps in your walls. An all-purpose caulk will do the trick. Some places you may not realize are letting in additional noise are gaps around electrical outlets or cracks in the seal around your windows.

  1. Update Your Door

Installing a solid wood door is another fix for reducing unwanted noises outside your office. For a quicker fix to any door, add a door sweep to the bottom of your door. This is especially helpful if you have a large gap at the bottom of your door. Bonus! A door sweep can also help control the temperature in your office and get rid of any chilly drafts.

When looking for a for quiet place to work, you may have an office right in your home that allows you to focus and drown out unwanted noises. However, if you find yourself needing a quieter space that truly allows you to focus, see if there is an Office Evolution near you!

Find Quiet Places to Work Near Me

Office Evolution has a number of office options, from private offices to coworking spaces. This makes it the perfect place for you to find solitude and peace while working alone and still have the option to quickly move to a coworking and collaborative space when needed. Whether you can’t find a quiet work area in your home, or you don’t have the space for a dedicated home office, Office Evolution is an easy solution. Learn more about  Office Evolution  and schedule a tour today.