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How to Make a Dark Office Brighter

When it comes to your office, there are many factors that go into what makes it feel productive and comfortable. One of those factors is the lighting. Poor lighting can impact your productivity because it leaves your space feeling dull and claustrophobic, which lowers your mood in the space. A dark office can also make your eyes strain for long days of looking at notes and screens.

Every office space differs, and every office dweller feels productive in a different setting. For example, some people prefer a lively and bright space to help increase their energy, while others might need an office that appears open and clean to keep their mind free of distraction. That’s why there is no one single fix to help every office space feel brighter and more open. Instead, there are several tricks to support various spaces and needs.

If you’re looking for remedies to your dark and dull office space, we have an assortment of tips for you to try that can work in almost any space, even a windowless room! Don’t skip out on finding the right lighting for your office.

9 Tips for Creating a Bright Home Office

  1. Utilize White
    Try painting your walls and ceiling white or investing in white office furniture. White is perfect for reflecting light and allowing it to bounce off its surface. Darker colors absorb light and won’t help you get the most out of the lighting in your office.
  1. Paint it Blue
    If you want a bit of color in your space, painting your walls a neutral and light blue is a great way to offset the warmth of incandescent bulbs. This will give your office a nice contrast in tones and help it feel brighter and less one dimensional or cramped.
  1. Get New Light Bulbs
    The best office light bulbs are ones that create a “daylight” environment and look. If you’re looking for natural light bulbs for your office, opt for a “true white” bulb, or any cooler tone, to mimic the feel of natural lighting. Yellow-toned light bulbs are a good option for creating a warm office atmosphere.
  1. Invest in an Area Rug
    Don’t overlook the impact that your floor can have on the brightness and life of your office. If you have dark wood or tile flooring, try adding a light-colored accent rug to enhance the warmth and comfort of your space. Don’t be afraid to go for a pop of color. The goal is to find something that makes your feel happy and brings joy into the space while breaking up the dark flooring.
  1. Strategically Place Office Lighting
    Dispersing lighting throughout a dark or small office space is a simple way to give it a roomier and brighter appearance. Central overhead lighting can cast a pool of light in the center of the room and keep the walls and edges of the room darker. Add lamps in the corners of a space, or even string lights along a ceiling to help emphasize the room’s height and width.
  1. Decorate with Mirrors
    Add a mirror to a wall or place a large standing mirror as corner décor. This will not only make your room appear larger, but also reflects light and help your space appear brighter. If you have a window in your office, place your mirror opposite the window to maximize the natural light it reflects.
  1. Add Glass
    Depending on how much of a change you are looking for, go as big or small as you like with this tip. Adding glass to a room can come in any form, from a tabletop to a lamp, or even a door or glass accent wall to let in light from surrounding rooms. Our favorite way to add glass to your office is by switching out your door for a decorative door with glass. You can get a frosted glass door for some privacy, or a transparent door with windows to let in the maximum amount of light. This is a great option for anyone in an office without windows who wants to let in the natural light from nearby rooms.
  1. Install Simple Window Treatments
    If you are lucky enough to have windows in your office space, get the most out of the natural light by keeping window treatments simple. Use light colors and stay away from heavy fabrics that could block sunlight.
  1. Declutter Your Office
    One of the easiest ways to keep your office looking bright and open is to keep it free of clutter. Banish anything that can become a distraction or inhibit the openness and brightness you have worked to create with strategic office coloring and lighting.

Feel Productive in a Well-Lit Office

Give these tips a go and see what works best for improving your office lighting. If the lighting in your space isn’t cutting it, don’t worry—we’ve got a backup plan. Work at an Office Evolution near you! Because our spaces are designed specifically to create an atmosphere for productivity and focus, the lighting is bright, and many locations have a balance of natural and artificial lighting throughout their private and share office spaces. Check out Office Evolution Austin Arboretum and schedule a tour.