The Best Apps For Entrepreneurs

We know that being an entrepreneur and business owner takes drive and determination. But, just because you’re an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you can’t use a little support to help you and your business thrive. Many apps can help you manage your business with ease. Whether you need some help refocusing during a long day or don’t know where to start with financial planning for your business, there are apps to help!

10 Apps for Entrepreneurs

We’ve found some of the best apps for small businesses and entrepreneurs to help you feel supported and make your business goals a reality.

These are some of our favorite apps…

For work Management 

  1. Trello—This work management app lets you and your coworkers map out any projects or items on your to-do list and better visualize what needs to be done.

For peace of mind:

  1. Headspace—Running your own business means there’s a lot on your plate. That’s why taking a moment for yourself each day is essential for your mental health and productivity. This meditation app will help you refresh and focus each day.

For making connections:

  1. LinkedIn—This is one of the best networking apps for entrepreneurs. Here you can search for people based on their industry experience and qualifications. LinkedIn will help you make high-quality connections with people interested in your business.

For financial management:

  1. QuickBooks—This accounting app and software easily track income, taxes, expenses, and more. This tax app for self-employed workers offers many customizations based on your business needs and even provides payroll and time tracking solutions.
  2. Mint—With Mint, you can easily manage your finances and create a budget. This app is a one-stop shop for tracking your investments, bank accounts, bills, and credit cards.

For social media:

  1. Buffer—This is the perfect app for posting across social media channels and scheduling posts in advance. The app even gives suggestions for the optimal times to post for your followers.

For accessing your work anywhere:

  1. Dropbox—The ultimate way to save and upload files. Dropbox can be accessed even offline, allowing you to reach your files from any device. Here you can create and edit documents. Documents can even be shared from Dropbox to users without Dropbox accounts.

For organization:

  1. Microsoft To-Do—This app is one of the best calendar apps for entrepreneurs. It gives you the organization of a paper planner, allowing you to note essential deadlines or simple reminders without the hassle of remembering to take your planner everywhere. It will enable you to set reminders and gives you the satisfaction of crossing off tasks as they’re accomplished. Important notes, documents, and even voice recordings can be attached to tasks.

For sales:

  1. Square—This app is perfect for any business doing credit and debit card transactions. You can make transactions right on the app with a small reader that Square will send you once you’ve made an account. You can also upgrade to a Square Stand if your business commonly does transactions from a table or countertop.

For productivity:

 10. Evernote—This note-taking app is one of the best productivity apps for entrepreneurs. It allows you to make drawings, take recordings, write messages, and share them with anyone necessary. All shared notes can be edited or commented on, making it the perfect app for collaboration and quickly sharing new ideas.

Find the Resources that Help Your Business Thrive

This list of apps offers an array of support for various businesses. Just as it’s essential to find technical support for your business, working in a positive space is equally important. Working in a place that allows you to be productive, collaborative, and connect with other local entrepreneurs is another excellent way to help your business grow.

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