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3 Tips on Renting a Temporary Office in Broomfield

Over the past decade, a lot of fuss has been made around the rising demand for temporary workers. Less attention has been paid to a similar and equally important trend: the rising demand for temporary office space. Here in Broomfield CO, we’ve seen the impact of these trend, as more and more businesses have taken advantage of local short term office space rentals.

There are plenty of reasons to rent a temporary office. When you rent office space by the day or by the month, you can…

Reduce the upfront costs of a new workspace

Quickly scale up or scale down business operations

Launch short term projects with less risk

Avoid becoming mired in a multi-year lease

Rent office space when working in a different city

While these benefits make short term workspace rentals attractive, it’s important to note that renting a temporary office isn’t the same as renting a long term office. To help you find the right space for your needs, here are three tips from the team at Office Evolution® Broomfield CO.

Look for Functionality in a Temporary Office

Many spaces that specialize in short term workspace rentals aren’t as concerned with functional design as they are with fashionable aesthetics. These spaces are looking to attract young professionals and trendy startups. To do so, they cultivate an image of a specific culture and lifestyle — but this image isn’t always compatible with real-life productivity. So, if a space looks suspiciously Instagram-ready, make sure that it’s also conducive to an effective workflow.

Tip: Don’t settle for an eyesore of a workspace, but make sure that you prioritize functionality when searching for a temporary office.

Expect Flexibility from Short Term Office Space

The market for temporary office rentals in the Broomfield area includes options for all kinds of rental agreements. At Office Evolution Broomfield, a typical office can be rented on a flexible, month-to-month agreement, or on a longer term lease, depending on what’s the best fit for your needs. We also provide day office rentals if you need to rent office space for a day, week, or just a few hours.

Tip: If you can’t find a temporary workspace on a term you’re comfortable with, keep looking until you find the right agreement for your needs.

Explore Office Alternatives in Broomfield

If you’re looking for a temporary workspace, but can’t find anything that fits into your budget, you might want to look at alternative options. A coworking membership could be the perfect fit for your needs. A coworking membership costs a fraction of what it costs to rent a short term office month-to-month, while offering just as much flexibility.

Tip: Need a cost-conscious alternative to renting a temporary office? Consider joining a coworking community like Office Evolution Broomfield.

Thinking about renting a temporary office in the Broomfield area? Call Office Evolution Broomfield today at (303) 447-6864 to learn more about your options for a short term office space rental.