Boardroom Rental in Boulder: 5 Qualities to Look For

Whether you’re meeting with clients, sitting down with investors, or conferencing with other members of your team, it’s important that you have a meeting space suited to your needs. That’s not always easy for smaller businesses. You might need to search for a boardroom rental in Boulder CO if you have limited office space, are part of a coworking community, or if you work from a home office.

Finding the right boardroom in Boulder will mean knowing what you need from a conference room rental. In some cases, the qualities you’re looking for are things that every business owner or manager should look for in a meeting room. Other qualities will be more specific to your business, your conferencing style, and the goals you have for your meeting.

So how can you find the perfect conference room rental for your next meeting? Here are a few tips from the team at Office Evolution® Boulder on what to look for in a boardroom rental.

Considerations When Comparing Boardrooms

  1. Capacity. The ideal boardroom size will always be tied to the number of people taking part in your meeting. If you’re meeting with just a few people, tons of square footage will create an uneasy space that doesn’t lend itself well to collaboration. On the other hand, a room can get cramped quickly if it isn’t designed for the number of people you need to meet with.
  2. Design. Good lighting is something that every meeting leader should be looking for when renting a boardroom. Other visual qualities, like color scheme or open vs. closed design, can have a big impact. However, these are more likely to depend on your organization and the meeting you’re holding.
  3. Configuration If you’re holding a collaborative meeting, you’ll want a space with a set-up that encourages conversation. Usually, this is a round table formation. On the other hand, a presentation or training session will require a different set-up, one where sightlines are focused on the meeting leader.
  4. Equipment. If you’re planning to make media a part of your meeting, you’ll need to double-check that all the equipment you need is available. You’ll also need to be sure that it’s functional. A viewing screen won’t be much use if it’s not visible to half the meeting members, and a sound system won’t do much good if audio quality is lower than you need it to be.
  5. Accessibility. When searching for a boardroom in Boulder, you will want a space that’s accessible to everyone involved in your meeting. You’ll want a general idea on where everyone’s coming from and how they’re planning on getting to the facility you choose. Location, ease of commute, parking availability, and proximity to public transport are all key considerations.

Boardroom Rentals with Office Evolution Boulder

At Office Evolution Boulder, we make finding the perfect boardroom rental in Boulder a breeze. We offer four different rooms, seating up to 15 people, with different styles of meeting areas for different conferencing needs. You get access to key meeting equipment, plus additional benefits like complimentary Wi-Fi, professional front desk reception, and responsive onsite support. To top it all off, we’re conveniently located at Foothills Parkway and Pearl Parkway, with easy access to free parking and public transit.

Call Office Evolution Boulder 303-447-6862 today to reserve a boardroom for use or learn more about our meeting room rentals.

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