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Finding a Small Office Rental in Boulder

Finding a small office rental in Boulder can seem tough. But it doesn’t have to be. Despite Boulder’s competitive market for professional real estate, you don’t need a miracle to find a great small office rental. You just need a bit of smart planning and a little hard work. The results are more than worth it. Even a small office space in Boulder can help you build your image, cement your business, and access new opportunities.

How to Find the Perfect Small Office Rental

To help you get the space you need, here are four tips on how to find the perfect small office for rent in Boulder, CO.

  • Don’t Lose Sight of What You Need from an Office. When you’re in the market for office space, agents and rental managers will tell you what they think you need. Even if you recognize the sales pitch, you might find yourself losing sight of your priorities. So be clear with yourself at the outset about what you need and keep yourself tied to these needs throughout your search.
  • Recognize the Value of Infrastructure and Amenities. Rent and square footage are the two flashiest numbers when considering which small office space to rent. But they can get to be a distraction. Sometimes, it’s a smart move to sacrifice square footage for a space that’s already built for your needs. Similarly, a moderately higher monthly rent will quickly pay for itself if it covers meeting space access, live phone answering, and other key amenities.
  • Know the Importance of Workplace Community. The walls in a small office space are meant to keep distractions out. They shouldn’t keep you penned in. At spaces like Office Evolution® Boulder, there’s a thriving professional community outside the door of your office. A positive workspace community can have a hugely positive impact on your work-life — something many people forget when searching for office space.
  • Consider the Space’s Suitability for Client Interactions. A small office gives you the space you need for your job. But depending on the size of your rental, it might not give you the space you need for your clients. Client accessibility, onsite meeting rooms, and professional meeting equipment can be a lifesaver at the right workspace. That’s an area where some small office rentals stand out from the competition.

Small Office Space for Rent in Boulder, CO

Ready to start looking for a small office rental in Boulder? Start your search off right with a call to Office Evolution Boulder. Our small offices for rent include micro office rentals and private office rentals, both of which come with a host of features and advantages.

Enjoy free beverages in the break room, bike to work and take advantage of our onsite showers, or feed off the energy of our coworking space. All offices are pre-furnished, with complimentary access to Wi-Fi, key office equipment, and services for building reception, live answering, and mail management. You also get $60 of meeting room time each month, plus discounts on day offices, where you can rent office space by the hour as needed.

Get detailed information on small office rentals at Office Evolution Boulder by calling 303-447-6862 today!