Outgrowing Your Home Office? 5 Signs Business You Need an Office Rental in Boulder

Every small business needs to start somewhere, whether that’s a converted bedroom, a corner in your basement, or your living room’s coffee table. But in time, small businesses outgrow the limits of a home office. When that happens, an office rental is usually the next step. But if you’re an entrepreneur in Boulder, CO, you might not be sure when it’s time to upgrade your home office and move into dedicated, away-from-home space.

Signs You’re Outgrowing Your Home Office

At Office Evolution® Boulder, we know how tricky it can be to know when it’s time to make the transition from a home office to an office rental. After all, we’re the first place many small business owners go when their home business becomes too big for their home office.

If you’re starting to feel like your home office can no longer meet the growing needs of your business, here are some of the signs that an office rental in Boulder could be a good fit.

  1. Too Many Small Tasks. As you take on more and more business, handling phone calls, cleaning your office, and managing equipment is starting to eat up revenue-generating work hours.
  2. Client Acquisition Concerns. More than a third of work-from-home entrepreneurs say that a home office makes it hard for them to acquire new clients.
  3. Trouble Staying Organized. Work materials are getting jumbled up with personal effects, making it hard to keep your office organized and be as productive as you need to be.
  4. Privacy Problems. Having your home and business address be the same is leading to privacy concerns, and making it difficult to separate your home life from your work life.
  5. Work Taking Over. As equipment, supplies and files start to take up space, you find that your home office is overtaking your personal space.

Benefits of an Office Rental in Boulder, CO

Upgrading from a home office to an office rental in Boulder can make running your business easier in a number of ways. Here are just some of the reasons why small business owners have made the move to an office rental with Office Evolution Boulder:

  • A dedicated answering service and mail system makes it easy to field incoming calls and mail.
  • Your business receives a commercial mailing address, maintaining a professional appearance.
  • It becomes easier to organize your workspace and segment your personal and professional lives.
  • You no longer need to worry about the privacy concerns of tying your business to your home.
  • You can choose the type of space that works for your business’s growing needs.

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