Rent Mailbox Space in Boulder for a Home-Based Business

Do you operate a home-based business in Boulder? Concerned that your home address is causing problems for your business? It might be time to rent a mailbox at Office Evolution® Boulder CO. Our business address services are perfectly suited to the needs of home-based businesses, offering a dedicated business address, a private mailbox for your business, and professional parcel reception services.

Why Rent a Mailbox for Your Business in Boulder?

These days, more and more home-based businesses are choosing to rent mailbox space at business centers like Office Evolution Boulder. While there are numerous benefits to a private mailbox rental for your business, there are three main reasons why it’s a good idea to rent a mailbox for your home business.

Project a Professional Business Image. Running a home-based business can be great, but a residential address rarely makes a good impression with clients, customers, and investors. When you rent mailbox space in Boulder, your business assumes a professional address, which you can put on your stationery, your website, and any other materials related to your business. This gives your business a stronger client-facing image.

Separate Your Home-Life and Work-Life. One of the biggest challenges for work-from-home entrepreneurs is keeping your professional and personal lives separate. On a practical level, that’s much harder when professional correspondence and packages are mixed in with personal deliveries. There’s also the matter of privacy. Even if you leave your address off your stationery and website, your business will need to register an address for registration, licensing, web hosting, and other public records. Unless you’re comfortable broadcasting your home address to the world, you’ll need a distinct business address.

Ensure the Security of Incoming Mail. Residential mail delivery isn’t particularly secure. Most home mailboxes can be easily accessed without a key or a combination, which can leave sensitive or confidential documents vulnerable to theft. If you’re not at home, larger parcels may be left on your doorstep, in full view of passing criminals. When you rent an address for mail at a secure facility — like Office Evolution Boulder — you ensure that any deliveries to your business are protected.

Private Mailbox Rentals in Boulder CO

Given the benefits of a distinct business address, you might be asking yourself, “Where can I find a private mailbox rental near me?”

For home-based businesses in Boulder, there’s nowhere better to rent an address for mail than at Office Evolution Boulder. Located at the intersection of Foothills Parkway and Pearl Parkway, our business center is used by professionals and small business owners from throughout the Boulder area.

If you’re just looking to rent a mailbox for your business, we suggest our Business Address plan. This plan includes a private mailbox rental, parcel reception and management services, a professional mailing address, and discounts on meeting room rentals.

For even better value, you can rent mailbox space through our Professional Plan at Office Evolution Boulder. This plan includes our Business Address plan plus: 24/7 access to our coworking space, nationwide access to Office Evolution business centers (including more than 10 locations in the Denver metro area), $60 of meeting room time every month, and discounts on additional use of meeting rooms and day offices. Or choose our Professional Plan Plus, which includes all the above, plus Live Answering services.

Learn more about how you can rent mailbox space at our business center by calling Office Evolution Boulder today at 303-447-6862.

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