Virtual Offices in Boulder Make Commuting to Work Easy

Virtual Offices in Boulder make for a simple commute and better office productivity.

If Colorado is well-known for its energetic, outdoor lifestyle, Boulder is one of the prime centers of those activities, with world-class climbing, skiing and bicycling all nearby.

A unique aspect of Office Evolution is that each location reflects the character of its neighborhood, and Office Evolution’s Virtual Offices in Boulder are a perfect example. Located just east of Boulder’s historic and charming downtown, the Boulder Office Space is situated on one of Boulder County’s 350 miles of mixed use hiking and biking trails.

Many of the tenants at Office Evolution Boulder make use of the recreational amenities offered in the immediate area by biking to and from work, bike riding over the lunch hour, or by simply taking a quick stroll around the manicured grounds.

In order to cater to our members’ active lifestyles, Office Evolution’s office spaces and Virtual Offices in Boulder provide users with world class office space, state-of-the-art amenities, and on-site shower facilities.

It doesn’t matter if it is for the health benefits or for a little relaxing fun, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that exercise in the workplace, “can reduce health risks and improve the quality of life for American workers.” So, not only are bike rides a great way to commute to the office, they are a great way to stay healthy.

At Office Evolution Boulder, you’ll also find meeting rooms, access to a training room, a full kitchen, printers, copiers, and all of the office space amenities a business professional would need (including complementary coffee & tea for you and your guests). With flexible options for any business situation, commuting to work is just as likely to be done on two wheels as four here, and Office Evolution in Boulder can support either!

Next time you’re out for a bike ride and you happen to think about work, remember, the Virtual Offices in Boulder at Office Evolution are only a quick bike ride away from productivity.