3 Ways Broomfield Residents Can Beat the Work From Home Blues

The last several years have seen big changes in the way people work. But it’s not just the way people work that has changed — it’s also where they are working. Now that a laptop can turn practically any surface into an office, more people than ever are working in non-traditional spaces. In particular, we’ve noticed a sharp rise in the number of professionals who work from home in the Broomfield, CO area.

We’ve also noticed another growing trend, something we call the “work from home blues.” Most people think they’ll love working from home. But more and more home-based professionals are finding out working from home isn’t for them. Many of the workers in Broomfield we talk to find they’re less productive and more distracted when they work from home. Others say it’s just plain unenjoyable.

Below, the coworkers at Office Evolution Broomfield collected three tried-and-tested solutions to improve your experience if you’re working from home.

1. Redesign Your Home Office

One of the easiest ways to make working from home unpleasant is to neglect the design and functionality of your work environment. Modern businesses invest heavily in workplace design, creating spaces that keep workers happy, healthy, and productive. But when most of us work from home, we tend to use spaces that aren’t meant for work: our kitchen table, the living room sofa, or even our bed.

Repeated studies have linked our work environments to how we work and how we feel while we’re working. So make sure you have a functional, dedicated home office, one that follows the principles of ergonomic and productive design. These are things like:

  • A functional and well-organized layout.
  • Comfortable, posture-friendly furniture.
  • A distraction-free work surface.
  • Indoor plants, or a view of greenery.
  • Lots of natural light.

2. Avoid Feeling Boxed In

A lot of home-based professionals find that working from home leaves them feeling isolated, claustrophobic, and boxed in by the walls of their home. Not that many people consider the implications of living and working in the same square footage, but it can sometimes mean you go days without going out your front door.

You’ll want to avoid the feelings of loneliness that plague many home-based professionals. To do that, you need to make room in your calendar for time outside your home. Reserve one of your work breaks each day for a short walk around your neighborhood, spend more evenings seeing friends or meeting with colleagues, and consider a shared workspace from Office Evolution Broomfield.

3. Try a Shared Workspace

The best way to make doing your job from home in Broomfield more enjoyable is simple: spend less time working from home. If you’re tired of spending every day inside the same four walls, or if you have days where home just isn’t a productive space, then a shared workspace membership from Office Evolution Broomfield might be your best option.

At Office Evolution® Broomfield, our shared workspace is enjoyed by a range of work from home professionals. It’s the perfect alternative work environment for home-based entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers. Our co-working memberships offer 24/7 access to our shared workspace for all 365 days of the year, giving you a home office away from your home office whenever you need one.

Beat the work from home blues by joining the co-working community at Office Evolution Broomfield! Call 303-447-6864 today to redeem a free hour of co-working space access and learn more about your membership options.

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