Boardroom Rental in Broomfield: 5 Helpful Tips

Face-to-face meetings can be difficult to coordinate for small businesses in Broomfield CO. If you work from home or a small office, you don’t have the square footage for a dedicated onsite conference room. That means your meetings need to be conducted in a public area, your client’s workplace, or in rented meeting space. It’s no surprise, then, that boardroom rentals are a popular choice with small business owners in Broomfield.

But if you’ve never rented a boardroom before, you might not know what sets a great conference room rental apart from a mediocre meeting space. That’s an area where Office Evolution® Broomfield can help. Our offices are home to a thriving community of small businesses and independent professionals — many of whom depend on rented meeting rooms for face-to-face time with team members, clients, and investors.

Here are five tips on what you should look for when renting a boardroom in Broomfield.

Find a Great Boardroom Rental in Broomfield

  1. Don’t underestimate conference room design. Workspace design has a major impact on productivity and performance. That’s as true of conferencing spaces as anywhere else. If you want to encourage focus and collaboration, you need a space that’s clean, attractive, well-lit, and properly furnished.
  2. Make sure you have the tools your meeting needs. Some meetings don’t require specialized equipment. But if you need teleconferencing equipment, a whiteboard, or projection equipment, it’s important that these tools are available at your chosen location.
  3. Look into onsite services and support. If you need help troubleshooting equipment or accessing Wi-Fi, you’ll need support from onsite staff. Make sure that if something goes wrong mid-meeting, you’re not left high and dry. And don’t overlook services that will help you deliver a great meeting experience, like professional front desk reception or complimentary coffee and tea.
  4. Find an easy-to-access meeting location. Location and accessibility are important in a meeting room rental. Try to find a space that reduces commute times, is easy to find, and offers plenty of onsite parking.
  5. Choose a space that boosts your image. Meetings are critical to strong, long-lasting relationships with clients. Face-to-face time plays a massive role in how clients perceive you and your business. Keep that in mind when choosing a conference room rental, and pick a space that boosts your image and reinforces your professional reputation.

Boardroom Rentals at Office Evolution Broomfield

At Office Evolution Broomfield, we understand how important a boardroom rental can be to small businesses and independent professionals. So if you’re looking for meeting space for rent in the Broomfield area, we invite you to start your search with us.

Our by-the-hour conference room rentals will give you affordable, fully-furnished meeting space for all of your conferencing needs. All of our boardrooms and meeting rooms are professionally designed, with features that encourage communication, collaboration, and productivity. You’ll also benefit from access to professional meeting equipment, staffed reception services, complimentary Wi-Fi, free coffee and tea, and responsive onsite support.

Located next to the Interlocken Loop and US-36, and minutes away from the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, we’re the perfect place for professionals, small businesses owners, and out-of-towners in Broomfield.

Call 303-447-6864 today for detailed information on boardroom rentals at Office evolution Broomfield.

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