Changing Your Plan, Optimizing Your Wealth

Member Spotlight: An Interview with David Anthony of Anthony Capital LLC.

As you get older and head into retirement, you may not know a lot of things regarding fees, taxes, expenses, and wealth plans to make your money work for you for as long as possible. However, David Anthony of Anthony Capital LLC, is here to help you with that. David has been a Member of Office Evolution since 2010. We sat down with him to learn more about his business, and his experience with us:

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About Dave Anthony & Anthony Capital.

My name is Dave Anthony, I’m the president and owner of Anthony Capital LLC. We are a fee only registered investment advisor firm here in Denver, Colorado. We’ve got offices in Broomfield, the Denver Tech Center, and San Antonio, Texas.

Our specialty is managing money. We like to say we help individuals make more money with their money. We do that by helping them invest and optimize their money. So optimization is one of the key words in the sense that we look at not only their investments, but also their insurance, their tax situation, their health care, long term care. Anything that might come into a personal finance situation, we help them allocate those monies in the most appropriate way.

What sets you apart from everyone else in your industry?

Anthony Capital is unique because we’re a fee only investment advisor. Our clients hire us and we take them through the financial planning process to solve whatever problem it is that they’re looking to solve.
Being independent, we can bring a lot of personalized solutions that most other individuals won’t have. We like to practice an institutional type of a money management platform where we get the investor as close to the deal as we can.
Being fee only we don’t charge any commissions on our processes. When we sit down with the client we can look at what their currently doing and forecast what their fees and expenses are and how much taxes they’ll pay throughout their retirement life. [This allows us to] come up with a plan to help optimize those things and show them a side by side scenario of:

  • What they’re doing right now
  • How much they’ll pay in fees, expenses and taxes moving forward and
  • If you were too change two or three things, what the dramatic impact of that will be.

What are Your Best Business Tips?

#1 – The Second Opinion:

We’ve done many workshops and we have a radio show where we try to get the word out about the value of getting a second opinion, and the second opinion is exactly that: it’s a stand-off, third party approach on what you’re doing and how you can make it better.

#2 – Trust:

As a consumer, my business tip is to do business with someone I know that I can trust. Make sure they’re competent in what they’re doing.

#3 – Cater to Your Clients:

From a business owner standpoint, it’s make sure you make those contacts that provide an environment for your clients that are easy and available to get to.

What is the “OE Difference” to you?

Every one of their locations are top notch. They’re not locations that are halfway done, and this is emblematic of the management from the top down.
Your clients will judge you whether you like it or not, by your office, by your environment, by where you’re at, and the venue that’s there. So the most significant thing that Office Evolution has provided is that professional footprint for clients who are coming in out of the gate.
It starts when [my clients] make the phone call in. We have a live answering service that answers the phone with ‘Hello, this is Anthony Capital’. That part has been huge. A lot of other; even the big financial firms don’t have that [and their clients] get a prerecorded message. [Our clients] get a personal touch.
When they come in it’s an Office Evolution staff who greets my clients. They’ll give them coffee or water or things that they need to make them comfortable, and set the tone of what the rest of the meeting will be like. It really positions me, a small business owner with only 2 or 3 employees, to be able to leverage my resources to spend more time on what I do, which is managing money.

What’s the most significant relationship you’ve made at Office Evolution?

I met one of the members here, their father had served in Korea. They were in a difficult situation, needing to make a move into the home. We were able to help them out, apply for and get this veteran’s benefit no charge, and it was just a lifesaver.

If you’d like to get in touch with David and learn more about his Wealth Management Business, visit Anthony Capital’s website at or call (303)734-7178.

For more information about Office Evolution and how we can help you get an office for your business, visit our website at or call 877-475-6300.