Could Time Blocking Help Your Productivity?

There are seemingly endless amounts of time management tips and “productivity hacks” out there, but it is for good reason—many people feel overwhelmed during their workweek, and finding ways to optimize time can make a major difference in how in control people feel about their schedules and task list.

Time blocking, also known as time boxing, task batching and day theming, is one of the newer strategies for taking agency over your schedule, and it is a rather effective one. If you constantly feel like you are in reactive mode at work or that you are juggling too much at one time, read on to learn more about time blocking and how it might be the solution you need.

What Is Time Blocking?

Time blocking is a time management method that involves dividing your day up into blocks of time that are designated for specific tasks or types of work.

For example, you may set 9 to 10 a.m. aside as a block for answering emails—this means that you can clear out your inbox first thing and avoid getting pulled into it at other parts of the day so you’re able to focus on other things.

Who Does Time Blocking Benefit?

Time blocking is an ideal solution for people who have lots of open time on their calendar—for example, if you have large gaps between meetings, projects with distant deadlines that require substantial work or a schedule that allows you to work on tasks as needed.

While multitasking used to be the epitome of productivity buzzwords, it has been found to not be the most effective way to work. Time blocking can provide you with an uninterrupted chunk of time to work on something specific during your day.

Tips to Make Time Blocking More Effective

Know that you may need to be flexible. It is unavoidable that things will come up throughout the day that are urgent, so being flexible is key to setting a successful time blocking schedule.

Make room for trial and error. As you adjust to time blocking, you may find that some tasks need far more time while others do not need nearly as much. Do not be afraid to adjust as needed so you can create a schedule that works for you.

Use your “Do Not Disturb” function. Not being disturbed can help you stay on track to complete your tasks and eliminate unnecessary distractions, so if your computer and/or phone have this functionality, be sure to implement it.

If you are looking for more ways to revamp your work life, consider a flexible workspace solution. Contact us today to learn more.