How Switching Up Your Workplace Can Help You Get Out of a Rut

Regardless of how much you may love your job and the work that you do, sometimes, getting in a rut is inevitable. Whether it is about a general afternoon slump or a bigger pattern of reduced productivity, getting into these habits can lead to behaviors that are difficult to break.

If you find yourself in a work rut, fear not! Oftentimes, switching up your routine is a simple trick that will help you shake things up and get back to your to-do list feeling refreshed and engaged.

This can be done in many ways, but one of the easiest is by simply changing up your scenery. Switching where you physically work from can be a great way to kick your brain into gear—read on to learn more!

How Changing Your Work Area Can Help Your Productivity

You can set clear intentions for accomplishment. If you are used to doing all your work from your desk, chances are, you are also doing a lot of non-work there, too. While this is inevitable, it is important to consider how this might be impacting your productivity. If you choose to work from a different area, you can set clear intentions for what you get done in that space (answering every email from the couch, for example) so you give your brain less room for distractions.

You can change your environment based on your needs. It is clear that our environments impact our work productivity, so by harnessing this ability, you can become more attuned to what you need to get your best work done. For example, you may find that some types of tasks are better suited to quiet, focused workspaces, while others may benefit from the ambient buzz of working in a communal area of your office.

You can get up and move. Research is clear that getting up and moving about once every hour is good for our bodies and our brains, and by moving workstations, you can ensure you are taking the time to make this a priority. Maybe a walk from your desk to an armchair does not take a long time, but it is still a concentrated effort to get up and move, which is a great alternative to zoning out at your desk.

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