How The Denver Broncos Algorithm is like Your Digital Marketing

The Changing Algorithm

Peyton Manning retiring and the loss of Brock Osweiler will most likely send shockwaves through the Denver Broncos Football Team. Some fans are probably frustrated while others are probably recovering from the heart attack. Above all, the main question remains, how good will the Denver Broncos be next year?

So, how do Peyton & Brock fit into your digital marketing? It’s simple…they were a big part of the Denver Broncos Algorithm of success. An algorithm is basically a conglomerate of factors that all come together in a single formula to produce an outcome. With respect to the Denver Broncos, we should consider every member and every play and every route to be part of the Denver Broncos algorithm. Basically, what’s happened here is that the Denver Broncos algorithm has changed. And the remaining algorithm has sports analysts asking themselves, “Does it have a large impact on the overall goal (winning a National Championship) or, does it have a small impact?”

This scenarios is basically every digital marketer’s nightmare when it comes to Google and their search engine algorithm. Google makes frequent changes to their algorithm. Some changes make small impacts to the search engine rankings while other changes are fairly dramatic. Which do you think would make more of an impact on the overall Denver Broncos season; Brock Owseiler calling an audible while being behind center, or Peyton Manning hurting his foot mid-season? A small change may only slightly adjusts the overall outcome of the game while a large change may dramatically impact the entire team and the whole season.

Basics of our Digital Marketers Strategy

You should always focus on the basics. Sure, it looks really cool when you do something radical with SEO and you “throw a 40 yard touchdown pass”. However, it’s gaining 3 yards per play that will win the game. And that brings us back to the basics. Focus on the basics for long term success with your SEO. Here are just some of the basics for your website:

Write good keyword rich content.

Proper writing format. When we were in grade school we all learned how to write reports using titles, main points, supporting statements, etc. When writing good content, use the same structure (H1, h2, h3, etc.)

  • Include Alternate Text on images
  • Work to improve page load times
  • Write unique content for each page of the website
  • Include “Structured Data”
  • Etc.

When you follow the basics, you won’t be as impacted by the adjustments of the search engine algorithms.

Good luck in Driving your Digital Marketing.