3 Cures to the Work From Home Blues for Burlington Area Residents

The past decade has seen huge changes to the way people work. One of those changes is more freedom about where we work. Wireless technologies mean it’s easier to work where we want to work, without feeling chained to any particularly place. That’s a trend that we’re seeing right here in Burlington and throughout Eastern Massachusetts, where more people work from home than ever before.

At the same time, we’re seeing the drawbacks that come with this change. At Office Evolution® Burlington, we’ve noticed more and more professionals dissatisfied with working from home. It’s led to a phenomenon that we call the “work from home blues.”

Here are three ways that you can cure or avoid this problem if you work from home in Burlington or the Greater Boston area.

1. Do You Work From Home? Create a More Workable Environment

Successful businesses invest time and money in the design of their work environments. Workspace design is just as important for home-based professionals, but you wouldn’t know it from the way many of us work when we’re at home. Instead of taking the time to design a healthy and productive home office, many of us end up working in ad hoc office space, from our living room sofas, or even while curled up in bed.

That can be a serious problem, as studies have shown that work environment is closely tied to productivity, health, and job satisfaction. If you work from home, you should take the time to create a dedicated workspace that incorporates features of productive and healthy design. Focus on ergonomics, functionality, and organization, and bring in mood boosters like plants and lots of natural light.

2. Fight Back Against Feeling Boxed In

Working from home can feel limiting in a lot of ways, and many home-based workers report feeling boxed in. It’s easy to forget that working and living in the same place means you end up spending 80% to 90% of your time in one spot. If you don’t make an effort to spend time outside those four walls, your home can start to feel oppressive.

So make time in your schedule for family, friends, and fresh air. If you work from home in Burlington, a short walk every day on your morning or afternoon break will give you fresh air. Try taking advantage of more evenings and weekends to spend time with others and get away from your house or apartment. Also, you can join a shared workspace at Office Evolution Burlington.

3. Try a Shared Workspace

At Office Evolution Burlington, you’ll find a thriving community of local professionals who beat the work from home blues. Their cure? Joining a shared workspace. In a shared workspace, you set your own schedule, work in a space designed for productivity, and become part of a thriving co-working community. You get all the benefits to an office environment with almost none of the drawbacks.

At Office Evolution Burlington, our shared workspace memberships include access to office equipment, key amenities, and discounts on professional meeting space. Our shared workspace memberships are perfect for anyone who works at home in Burlington, Lexington, Bedford, Woburn, Winchester, Billerica, Wilmington, or anywhere else in the Boston MetroWest area.

Overcome the work from home blues with Office Evolution Burlington! Call us at 781-222-8075 today to learn more and claim a free hour of access to our co-working space.