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Coworking in Burlington: 5 Reasons You'll Thrive

At Office Evolution® Burlington, our coworking space is home to a thriving community of freelancers, remote workers, independent contractors, and small business owners. We attract professionals with a diverse range of skillsets, backgrounds, and perspectives. But there’s one thing every member of our community has in common: they’ve discovered that a shared workspace gives them a place where they can thrive.

Members of the coworking community at Office Evolution Burlington aren’t the only ones to make this discovery. In 2015, researchers from the University of Michigan decided to investigate the effect different workplaces have on employees. Their findings, published in the Harvard Business Review, concluded that shared workspaces helped workers thrive at “unheard of” levels.

In fact, professionals in shared work environments reported thriving at levels so high that study’s authors were forced to double-check their own data.

Detailed analysis found that workers were happier, more productive, and more innovative in a shared work environment. Tellingly, professionals also found their work more meaningful than workers in typical office environments.

How Coworking in Burlington Drives Success

So what makes coworking spaces like Office Evolution Burlington so much more effective than traditional offices? The five areas below are considered some of the biggest — and most important — benefits to working in a shared workplace.

  1. Sense of Community. You might be surprised to learn that the average shared workspace has a much stronger sense of community than a typical office workplace. Workers don’t feel pressured to reflect a specific corporate culture, and they’re never forced to interact with coworkers or compete with one another. When people feel more comfortable being themselves at work, social and professional relationships flourish.
  2. Networking Opportunities. Lack of networking opportunities can be a downside to working in a typical office. Your professional circle gets limited by your department, company, and industry. Working from home can come with similar challenges, boxing you off from the outside world. But in a shared workspace, you’re surrounded by networking opportunities every single day.
  3. Teamwork and Innovation. You might hear a shared workplace referred to as “collaborative workspace.” It’s easy to see why. These spaces bring a diversity of knowledge, skills, and perspectives together, creating the perfect environment for teamwork and innovation.
  4. Control Over Work-life. When you work in a coworking environment like Office Evolution Burlington, you have a level of control over your work-life unavailable to most other professionals. You set your own projects and priorities, and you choose how you approach different projects.
  5. Productivity and Performance. Coworking spaces are designed from the ground up to optimize productivity. At Office Evolution Burlington, every piece of lighting, furniture, and decoration has been selected with focus and worker performance in mind. Just as important, our space gives local professionals a place where they can block out distractions and do their best work.

If you’re an independent professional in the Boston MetroWest area, a local coworking space in Burlington has plenty to offer your work-life.

With a coworking membership at Office Evolution Burlington, you’ll get 24/7 access to our shared workspace, plus key amenities like complimentary Wi-Fi access, free coffee and tea, and discounts on meeting work space for rent. Located right off I-95, we’re the perfect shared workplace for independent professionals in Burlington, Lexington, Bedford, Woburn, Winchester, Billerica, Wilmington, and the rest of the Boston MetroWest area.

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