Making the Most of Small Office Space in Burlington

If you’re running a small business in Burlington MA, there’s a strong chance you’re running it from a small office. Today, most small businesses simply don’t need that much space. Plus, all else being equal, a small office will be easier on your budget. And thanks to shared workspaces like Office Evolution® Burlington, the decision to rent small office space is even easier than ever before.

As a shared workspace, Office Evolution® Burlington offers a range of advantages that you wouldn’t find in another small office space. You’ll have more resources at your disposal, professional services to help you work more efficiently, and a community of like-minded professionals just outside your door. With a little creative organization and help from the cloud, even a tiny office can deliver big results.

How to Maximize Small Office Space at Office Evolution Burlington

At Office Evolution Burlington, we know that a great office can make a huge difference for any professional. But when it comes to small or tiny office space, a great office is often the result of creative solutions.

That’s something you’ll see reflected in our small office rentals. By renting private offices within a shared workplace, we’ve found new ways to make office space functional, without making it unaffordable.

That starts with shared resources. Unlike a typical small office rental, your workspace doesn’t stop at your door. A small office space rental at Office Evolution Burlington includes the use of our coworking space, access to our kitchen and break room, affordable printing and scanning, as well as discounts on meeting room rentals.

We also provide services to help you make the most of every workday. By renting an office at our location, you’ll enjoy a Business Address plan, which includes parcel reception and management services. You’ll also benefit from a Live Answering plan, which can save you hours of administrative work each week.

And if you’re worried about how you’ll fit your business into a small office, you shouldn’t be. A quick search on Google can give you all kinds of tips for how to maximize square footage within a small office or shrink your business to fit a smaller space.

Here are a few of the best ways to accomplish this:

Switch entirely (or almost entirely) to digital files, using the cloud to minimize the amount of paper in your workspace.

Use vertical organizers like bookshelves, pegboards, and desk risers to optimize the amount of storage space per square foot.

Eliminate wire clutter on your desk or on your floor with cord ties and clips.

Use drawer dividers, shelf inserts, and other organizational tools to help make the most of existing storage space.

Looking for small office space in Burlington MA? Start your search with Office Evolution Burlington. Located right off of I-95, we are easily accessed from Lexington, Bedford, Woburn, Winchester, Billerica, Wilmington, and the rest of the Boston MetroWest area.

Call Office Evolution Burlington at 781-222-8075 today for more information on small office space rentals at our business center.

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