New Types of Office Space for Rent in Burlington

Until recently, there were limited options in terms of office space for rent in Burlington, MA. But that’s all changed thanks to innovative work centers like Office Evolution® Burlington.

With newer types of office space, you no longer need to rent a basic office on a multi-year lease. Instead, you can choose to rent a professionally outfitted workspace on a flexible agreement.

Traditional vs. Innovative Office Space for Rent in Burlington, MA

When you look at newer types of office space for rent in Burlington, you’ll find they differ from traditional office rentals in a number of ways. For example…

  • Lease Agreements. Traditional office rentals usually require a long-term commitment. 10-year leases aren’t unheard of, while 3- to 5-year leases are common in many markets. But thanks to the coworking movement, year-to-year and month-to-month leases are much more common.
  • Workspace Features. When you rent an office in a typical workspace, you need to outfit the space yourself. In newer office rentals, that’s not the case. It’s now much easier to find furnished office space for rent in Burlington, including ready-for-use spaces that require zero setup.
  • Office Amenities. One drawback of small office rentals is the lack of workspace amenities that a larger office would provide. But if you rent a workspace at a shared office center, you’ll gain access to these features and amenities.

Office Space Rentals at Office Evolution Burlington

If you’re looking for new types of office space for rent, Office Evolution Burlington has you covered. By renting an office at our business center, you can enjoy…

Short-Term & Flexible Agreements

At Office Evolution Burlington, we won’t force you to sign a long-term lease. Instead, we offer a number of lease agreement options. These include year-to-year and month-to-month agreements. By choosing a flexible agreement, you’ll enjoy freedom that other office rentals do not offer.

Ergonomically Furnished Workspace

All the offices at our business center come fully furnished and ready for use. We provide ergonomic seating, generous desk space, secure storage, a private phone line, high-speed ethernet, and sitewide Wi-Fi. Simply take a seat and open up your laptop to get started!

Professional Services & Amenities

By working at Office Evolution Burlington, you can enjoy the features and amenities you’d find in a larger workplace. Every office rental includes:

  • 24/7 access to our coworking space
  • Credits and discounts for meeting room rentals
  • Live phone answering services
  • Business address plan
  • Free unlimited coffee and tea
  • Onsite printing, scanning, copying, and faxing services

Located at 2 Burlington Woods Drive, our offices are ideally located for professionals and small business owners from Burlington and the rest of the Boston MetroWest area, including Lexington, Bedford, Woburn, Winchester, Billerica, or Wilmington.

Call Office Evolution Burlington at (781) 222-8075 today to learn more about office space for rent in Burlington, MA!

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