PLAY BALL BUSINESS PEOPLE ! - The Undeniable Benefits of Suburban Offices

Are you working in the city and commuting every day? How about working out of a home office, dealing with the distractions of home life on your business? In either case, you should consider using a suburban office center, like many are doing, to increase your work productivity and shift the work-life balance back in your favor.

Don’t miss the ball game, or the dance recital.

Doesn’t it always seem like the timing of an important event is right when you’re stuck in rush hour because you had to stay around for that 4pm meeting in the city. At that point your 35 minute commute is now 1 hour and 35 minutes! There goes the ball game. Why not head out of town at NOON on game days! Miss the traffic, head to the suburban office, work the rest of the day, then be local to get to the game EARLY!

Get Inspired

Everybody wants to be part of something exciting, a place where people are interested in what you do, ready to celebrate victories with you, helping you face difficult problems. It’s about community. Suburban office centers provide members with a family of like-minded entrepreneurs who get to know each other, provide support and encouragement along the journey to corporate success. It’s lonely working from home, or in a massive enterprise where nobody knows your name.

Make an Impression

Your customers will appreciate the professional atmosphere, convenience and amenities at your suburban office. They will notice the warm greeting they receive on arrival, the fully stocked drink options and the state of the art conference facilities. They will notice that you are a sharper, happier and more focused on them because this environment makes you the better at your job.

Suburban office centers like Office Evolution offer full time furnished offices as well as coworking, virtual and business lounge access plans. Meeting rooms are available by the hour, half day or full day. Phone answering. Mail services. Professional printing and copying on site. Staffed reception and much more……they help you build your business.

Martin Bodley, Owner Office Evolution Burlington