Sharing Is Good!

How many times did your mother tell you to share when you were a toddler? Well mother knows best. Turns out sharing in the work setting has massive benefits too.

Cost Savings

Saving money by splitting a rental office with somebody is an obvious benefit, but it goes beyond just the space itself. Utilizing shared resources like printers, copiers, kitchens, conference rooms and AV equipment, reception staff, internet access, event utilities….. this frees you from the burden of having to purchase or pay for dedicated resources like these on your own. Business people understand that money is a crucial resource, spend it wisely on things that will drive your business, not on mundane expenses that can be shared among many.


Nothing brings people closer together into meaningful community like sharing. Providing a neighbor a cup of sugar, such a small gesture, but what a impact to their relationship. Sharing small things, material or experiences, leads to deeper trust and desire to help each other out. An escalating environment of comradery and fun (there it is, I said it, FUN ) around a common desire to do good work and achieve success.

Save the World!

OK, maybe a small stretch here, but we all have the opportunity to be hero’s every day. Situations to be generous or to help out appear all the time, if you’re watching for them. Be on the lookout to for reasons to ‘share’, your time, your stories, your MONEY (say what?), your connections…….the list goes on. The more we work together the better off the planet is. So please proceed, try sharing an office, a cab ride, a shower, go crazy!