The Rise of Short Term Office Space in Burlington

When we first opened Office Evolution® Burlington MA, there was a lot that set us apart from other office centers. One of the biggest differences was the availability of short term office space. We gave local businesses an alternative to long term leases. Instead, independent professionals and small business owners could rent private office space on month to month agreements.

Since then, demand for short term office space in Burlington has only increased. But it has also evolved. We’re not just seeing more demand for short term office rentals. We’re also seeing these rentals used in a wider range of ways, by a wider range of businesses.

The Evolving Market for Short Term Office Space in Burlington

Burlington is far from the only U.S. city where short term office rentals are in ascendance. Over the past 10 to 15 years, almost every major city in America has seen increased demand for temporary office space. Most people point to the coworking movement as the biggest reason for this trend. The success of coworking spaces led many to reconsider the modern workplace, giving businesses permission to think outside the traditional office.

One of the most attractive features of coworking spaces is the flexibility they give to their members. Most spaces give members the option of a month to month membership, with no long term commitments or early termination fees. This was an instant hit with freelancers, jet-setting professionals, and fast-scaling startups, and larger businesses quickly took note.

Meanwhile, technology evolved to make short term office space in Burlington increasingly viable. Cloud computing, in particular, proved to be a turning point. Back when businesses relied on paper files and dedicated servers, it was costly and time-intensive to set up a new office. Now that files can be accessed from the cloud, you only need a laptop and an internet connection. This drastically reduced the costs of launching or closing a new office, making it much more cost-effective to lease office space for short term needs.

Thanks in large part to these changes, Burlington area businesses are now using short term office rentals in a wide range of ways. Startup owners and independent professionals are running their businesses out of month to month office space, which gives them the flexibility to adapt to changing conditions. Larger businesses are taking advantage of temporary office space to launch pop-up projects, satellite offices, and collaborative endeavors.

Short Term Office Rentals in Burlington MA

Since first opening our doors, Office Evolution Burlington has been providing local professionals and businesses with flexible solutions to their workspace needs. We provide short term office space on flexible, month to month agreements, making it easy to rent a temporary workspace in the Boston MetroWest area.

All our private office rentals are fully furnished with inclusive utilities, as well as professional services and amenities like phone answering services, conference room discounts, and free coffee and tea. Located in Burlington just off of I-95, we are easily accessible from Lexington, Bedford, Woburn, Winchester, Billerica, and Wilmington.

Call (781) 222-8075 today to learn more about Office Evolution Burlington MA, including the availability of short term office space at our business center.

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