The ROI of Shared Office Rentals in Burlington

Shared offices like Office Evolution® Burlington are known for providing low-cost workspace solutions. Despite the affordability of these workspaces, they’ve also earned a reputation for increased productivity, stronger morale, and innovative thinking. As a result, they are magnets for small businesses, startups, and independent professionals.

How do shared offices strike such a unique balance? The answer is simpler than you might think. It can be summed up in a single word: community. By leveraging the power of community-based office space, shared workplaces reduce costs while boosting functionality. For professionals and small-business entrepreneurs, that means stronger returns on their workspace investments.

The Savings of a Shared Office in Burlington

When a community pools its resources together, those resources can go further than they would on their own. In a shared office community like Office Evolution Burlington, this makes basic workspace memberships more affordable and boosts the ROI of our private office rentals.

Low-cost coworking memberships, which are only possible in shared workplaces, give freelancers and startups low-cost access to professional workspace. Private office rentals, meanwhile, include a range of features and services that would normally be cost-prohibitive for smaller companies.

Despite starting at $129/month, our workspace solutions include a range of inclusive or generously discounted benefits:

  • Free unlimited coffee and tea from our beverage bar
  • Phone answering services and mail/parcel reception
  • Conference room and day office rentals
  • Pre-furnished, professionally designed workspace
  • High-speed ethernet and secure Wi-Fi
  • Nationwide access to other Office Evolution locations

Enhanced Functionality, Productivity, and Innovation

There’s more than affordability to a shared workspace rental. While low costs are one of the biggest reasons for the surging popularity of shared offices like Office Evolution Burlington, there are several additional benefits to these work environments. In fact, the biggest study to date found that workers in offices like these are more motivated, satisfied, and productive than their colleagues in traditional offices.

There are a number of reasons why people work so much better in shared office settings. For one, they emerged from Silicon Valley, so these spaces are designed for a digital-first economy in a way that traditional office space simply is not. Another reason is the added functionality of these spaces, thanks to inclusive features like the ones we previously mentioned.

But the biggest reason people thrive here? Once again, it’s community. Researchers have found that people in workspaces such as these feel like part of the community more than they do in traditional office settings. What’s more, this sense of community literally brings people together, fostering a spirit of innovation and outside-the-box thinking.

Want to see our shared office in action? Call Office Evolution Burlington today at (781) 222-8075 to schedule a tour of our Burlington, MA office. Located just off of I-95, our workspace is easily accessible from Lexington, Bedford, Woburn, Winchester, Billerica, Wilmington, and the rest of the Boston MetroWest area.

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