Wearing pajamas during the work day is over-rated

If you are working from a home office or are considering it, then you certainly are familiar with the pro’s and con’s that such a setup offers. Short commute, wearing pajama’s (or at least from the waist down if you are video chatting with colleagues and clients), having your trusty dog by your side, flexibiltiy to run errands. All nice, but generally those same benefits tend to work against your business effectivity over time. 7am start time slowly drifts to 9-ish, occassional coffee out turns into 3-4 times a week, golf on Friday mornings become mandatory, and who’s actually working at 5pm if they are at home? The dog needs to be walked, dinner needs to be started, the kids get out around 3 so they need attention and rides all over who knows where. It doesn’t happen all at once, but soon, like the frog in the pot which is getting hotter, you are putting in a solid 30-45 minutes of emails and check-ins per day!

As stated in this article posted in USNews: (click here to see full article)

‘Missing out on in-person collaboration. As a solo act at home, you won’t have to deal with the drama of office politics. It’s true that some co-workers are a pain, but others may lift your spirits and be great to partner with on key projects. Without the luxury of regular contact, Friedman says, you won’t have ‘the spontaneous exchange of ideas and information and enthusiasms.”

If you are working in a home office and you think this slide towards inefficiency may be happening to you, there is hope. Grab an office outside the house, get a professional address, be around people working hard and playing hard, sharing stories of success and challenge, hold professional meetings in state of the art conference rooms. Get energized everyday. Maybe you will inspire somebody else, they need a mentor, you have the experience. You won’t find people to benefit from your wisdom in your home office. Food for thought. Best wishes for all.

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