Why Rent a Serviced Office Suite in Burlington?

At Office Evolution® Burlington, MA, we’re a hub for anyone who’s looking for a serviced office suite. As demand for serviced office space increases, more and more professionals are switching to serviced suites. But if you haven’t made the switch already — or if you’re just finding out about serviced office space — you might have trouble grasping the appeal.

In the simplest terms possible, a serviced office suite can help small businesses run with the efficiency and amenities of a large corporation. At a serviced office center, administrative duties are handled by onsite staff, which reduces busywork for entrepreneurs. Serviced offices also come with an extensive range of professional features and services, like guest reception and live phone answering.

Below, we’ll take a look at how a serviced office suite works at Office Evolution Burlington.

Professionally Serviced Office Suite Rentals

With a typical office suite, you aren’t renting anything more than a room and an address. But when you rent an office at our Burlington business center, you’re renting a fully outfitted and fully functional private workspace.

Let’s start with the basics. Every office at our business center contains ergonomic furniture, professional decor, and inclusive utilities. This gives you an attractive, focus-friendly workspace where you can easily host clients for one-on-one meetings. Better yet, you don’t need to spend money or time on furnishing your office.

Outside of your office suite, you have access to even more resources. Our workplace includes a business lounge, printing and copying equipment, an office kitchenette, and a beverage bar with unlimited free coffee and tea. We also have onsite meeting rooms and day offices, which members can rent at a generous discount.

Already, you can see why our offices attract a wide range of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and independent professionals. And that’s before we get to the ‘serviced’ part of ‘serviced office suite.’

Supporting Small Business Owners in Burlington

By working at Office Evolution Burlington, you’ll enjoy more than a bevy of professional resources. We also provide a wide scope of executive services, which are designed to help independent and small-budget businesses compete with larger firms.

Our professional services include live phone answering services, parcel management, and a business address plan for every office suite at our business center. Together, these services reduce administrative busywork, while also lending a more professional air to your business.

If you’re hosting a meeting, we also provide extensive onsite support. We can help you coordinate and set up your meeting space, including any necessary meeting equipment. We also provide front-desk guest reception services, plus free amenities like Wi-Fi and coffee for any guests.

Additionally, our Business Center Manager is on hand throughout the workweek for any other questions or concerns you may have. This is particularly valuable in your first few weeks, when you might need the occasional helping hand or a point in the right direction.

Call (781) 222-8075 to book a tour of our workspace and learn more about our serviced office suite rentals! Located at 2 Burlington Woods Drive in Burlington MA, we’re easily accessible from Lexington, Bedford, Woburn, Winchester, Billerica, Wilmington, and the rest of the Boston MetroWest area.

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