4 Clear Signs Your Business is Growing

You’re in business to make money and grow, but it usually doesn’t come easy. We all have to start somewhere, though, and hopefully we make the right choices along the way to scale at a reasonable pace. Setting yourself up for success as an entrepreneur means being open to new opportunities and seizing the chance to expand your reach.


With a little tenacity and sound good organizational skills, you’ll be able to scale your business and see some real growth. You might start with the local market, but with time and the right resources, you can then expand regionally. From there, you can go nationally.


Features of a Growing Business


We often have to make certain investments—of both time and money—to drive business growth. A few things in particular can help enhance your professional image and progress through the distinct stages of a growing business.


Most serious business owners start with a minimal investment with a professional mailbox and scale from there. Working with a virtual or shared work environment can make it easier to advance. From a remote receptionist to an official coworking space and expanded conference room use, each step of the way will put you in a better place to attract the right type of clients. That means more business and more growth.


1. You have a business mailing address


A distinct business address shows the world that you’re serious about your work and lets you spread the word in a unique way. Working with a home address doesn’t always send the right message, and defaulting to a PO box has some of its own setbacks. But when you have a professional business mailing address, you automatically boost your company’s credibility. You’ll also be able to create your own business page on social media platforms like Google to start collecting reviews.


Even if you don’t have a private office space, you can still invest in a business mailing address. Your local coworking space can probably sign you up with a great entry-level membership. Then your company will have a reliable address to share, and you won’t have to jeopardize the privacy of your home address.


2. You’re working in a professional environment


After you’ve been operating with a business mailing address for a while, you might be ready to graduate to a professional coworking space. You should have a place where you can escape the noise and distractions from your home life, either in a day-office or a private office. More importantly, you’ll be stepping away from the coffee shop. This will help you run your company with more confidence. It’s always nice to be surrounded by other working professionals. Plus, a lot of working spaces have options for 24/7 access. That way you can have the freedom to pop in anytime you need a quiet place to focus.


Private WiFi internet and convenient community kitchens usually make coworking spaces a better option than hunching over your laptop at the coffee shop down the road. Your membership will let your fuel up with complimentary beverages, and the overall environment should be a lot cleaner, too. When you’re ready for real progress in your business, this is a worthy item to check off your list.


3. You can book meeting rooms


Another sign that you’re in growth-mode is having the ability to schedule appointments in a professional meeting space. You don’t want to invite clients to your home office, yet meeting in public isn’t always a good idea either. When you’re discussing personal information or other sensitive subjects (or if you just need someplace quiet), a private setting is best. Promoting a polished company image is a lot easier when you can meet up in a conference room.


One of the great things about a national coworking space is that you can schedule meetings at multiple locations. Certain memberships will carry with you, even when you’re traveling in other cities or states. Or, you can stay smart by booking your meetings remotely. Simple reserve the conference room space for yourself, then dial in for a video call with your contacts—wherever they are. You’ll have a professional backdrop for your video, and a quiet space to conduct your business.


4. You’re expanding on a regional level


Traditionally when you want to expand regionally, you need to find a location, build it out, hire staff, and then wait for the return on your investment. But there’s a better way. Nowadays, entrepreneurs can expand virtually with their business address. A professional mailbox helps establish your business, but then you grow regionally from there with occasional conference room use and a coworking space.


One you’ve solidified your company with those practices, you’re able to take on other investments. But instead of hiring staff, you can save money by utilize other features of a coworking space. You might opt for a remote receptionist to answer the phone, or jump into a full private office. This is all for a fraction of the cost of having your own building. A smart business model lets you grow regionally without the big upfront investment.


These are just some of the reasons why entrepreneurs and other small businesses love to scale their business with a coworking space. You can start out small, then progress to different membership levels as your business grows. One day you might even be ready for your own private office space. Go at your own pace and embrace professional practices. Then you’ll really be able to grow your company in the best way possible.