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9 Ideas for Keeping in Touch with Your Clients

Your relationship with clients doesn’t end with a transaction. For many companies and professionals, that’s just the start of a long-term connection. It’s important to keep in touch after you provide clients with great service. These ideas can help.

1. Track Your Interactions

When you want to get better about following-up with clients, your database is a good place to start. Being able to track your interactions will help you keep track of when you last touched base. Investing in a CRM tool can help you save your contacts’ information and get reminders about checking in. But if you’re not ready for that step, you can always create a spreadsheet to document notes.

2. Send a Personal Note

Everyone appreciates a thoughtful personal note. Even if the message is simple, that personal touch can go a long way for building rapport with your clients. Of course, if email is more your style, you can drop them a quick line while sharing an online article you’ve just read. If you share interests in golf, travel, or general business advice, they might like to see it, too.

3. Share Helpful Resources

For general updates, you can always utilize your email list. Clients want to see you as the expert in your field, and sharing helpful resources, news, and tips can really distinguish you from the pack. Maybe you have some insight on a popular question from your clients. Sending your response in a newsletter will let you keep all of your contacts informed.

4. Utilize Your Network

Social media can be a powerful tool when you’re looking to grow your business. But you don’t always have to be posting about yourself. You can maximize your network by connecting other colleagues and clients with each other. When someone has a specific need, try your best to send them a quality recommendation. Your reputation as a connector can help others out and work as another thoughtful touchpoint for staying top-of-mind.

5. Pick Up the Phone

Another way to show that you care is to simply pick up the phone. Our communication shouldn’t always happen behind a computer screen. A brief text message or even a 5-minute phone call might be all it takes to see how your contacts are doing. There’s nothing wrong with a quick hello.

6. Schedule a Fun Meeting

Community events and networking opportunities don’t have to be a solo-endeavor. Attending these functions with a friend or client can be a great way to build relationships. Extend an invite to someone you haven’t seen in a while. Then you’ll be able to have an experience together, rather than just a cup of coffee.

7. Get Creative with Promos

Your company’s promotional items should help your client base think of you on a regular basis. But those marketing dollars might lose their touch if you stick with what everyone else is doing. Sometimes it’s better to invest in quality—not quantity. Consider sending your unique promos in the mail, or make them available at your next meeting or sale.

8. Ask for Honest Feedback

When you’re looking to expand your service offerings or make a change to your business, it can be useful to get some outside input first. Your contacts and clients will be a worthwhile resource to tap into. They could have some solid advice on what’s worked with your company in the past. A quick survey or treating them to lunch can be a non-salesy way to stay in touch.

9. Deliver Quality Service

At the end of the day, the thing that will make the biggest impact for repeat business and referrals is providing quality service. When you treat each client with care, they’ll be sure to remember it. This is the foundation for any marketing effort. When you have this covered, you’ll definitely start out on the right foot.

So after completing your stellar work, be sure to put in a little effort for meaningful follow-ups. Then you’ll really be set up for success for long-term relationships. Keeping in front of your client base with meaningful connections—not just sales pitches—will help them know that you have their best interests at heart.