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The Benefits of Short Term Office Space in Carmel

Ten or fifteen years ago, it was nearly impossible to find short term office space in Carmel IN. Back then, a standard lease required a multi-year commitment. If you needed month to month office space, you had limited options, few of which offered the functionality of a typical office.

Now thanks to workspaces like Office Evolution┬« of Carmel, it’s easy and affordable to rent short term office space within the Carmel area. At our business center, private office rentals are available on your choice of a month to month or longer term agreement. Best of all, we’ve actually designed our offices to accommodate short term use. We provide everything you need to make the most of your time at our office, whether you’re with us for just one month or for years at a time.

This begs the question: Is a short term office rental in Carmel the right fit for your business? Below, we examine the benefits and the drawbacks of month to month office space to help you find the answer to this question.

The Pros/Cons of Short Term Office Space in Carmel

Over the past few years, demand for temporary and month to month office space has risen sharply in Carmel and the rest of the Indianapolis metro area. In fact, the same can be said of almost any major city in the country.

In the wake of the coworking movement, professionals and businesses are increasingly open to out-of-the-box workspace solutions. Many are specifically looking for ways to reduce long term commitments, allowing them to adapt as technologies and practices evolve. For some businesses, that means switching from a multi-year lease to month by month office space.

At the same time, cloud computing has reduced the time and money it takes to set up and close down a temporary office. This has short term office rentals much more cost-effective when used for short periods. Today’s short term office rentals also come fully furnished, with important equipment and utilities already in place. If you do most of your work on your laptop, it can take less than five minutes to get set up and start working in one of these offices.

In light of all this, the benefits of short term office space in Carmel are clear:

  • Temporary workspace can be used for short term projects.
  • Month to month agreements can continue indefinitely.
  • Minimal upfront costs when setting up a new office.
  • Freedom to scale up or scale down operations quickly.
  • No risk of an unwanted lease turning into dead weight.

These benefits make month to month office space able to be used as a launchpad for a satellite office, as workspace for a temporary project, as a ‘starter home’ for a new business, or as a way to avoid long term, fixed costs on a standard office rental.

The biggest drawback to a short term office rental? A long term lease will typically cost less over the same time period. So if you’re looking for a permanent office, and you’re comfortable with commitment, a long term office rental might be the better fit.

Short Term Office Rentals in Carmel

If you’re looking for short term office space in Carmel IN, we suggest starting with Office Evolution of Carmel. Located in the heart of Carmel, we are easily accessible from Westfield, Zionsville, Fishers, and other communities in Hamilton County.

We offer fully-furnished, ready-to-use private office rentals with an unbeatable list of features and amenities including…

  • Phone answering services
  • Business address services
  • Meeting room discounts
  • Access to coworking space
  • Front desk reception
  • Free coffee and tea
  • Free parking
  • Free bike share
  • And more!

Learn more about short term office space at Office Evolution of Carmel IN by calling (317) 343-4488 today!