What your Business Mailing Address Says About You

For most entrepreneurs starting out, deciding on their official business address doesn’t always have an easy answer. There are a few different routes to go. But if you really want to establish a professional image upfront, some options are better than others.

Using Your Home Address for Business

When you don’t have a separate office space, you might consider using your home address for your business. It’s easy to think that your home address can just double up, but a common concern with this setup is privacy. You may not feel comfortable sharing your home address for public use. Plus, not having a professional mailing address could hurt your credibility with your customers.

Getting a PO Box for Your Business Address

Some people decide to use a PO box number to mitigate these concerns. That way, they can receive business mail at a separate location. But this scenario also comes with some setbacks. With this setup, you won’t have the convenience of having a live person to receive and sign for your mail and packages. You won’t have someone available to represent your business and safeguard your important deliveries.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can’t actually list a PO box as the business address on your company’s Google page. So, if a PO box is your default address, you might be missing out on a great marketing tool and means for collecting valuable company reviews. Fortunately, there’s another option.

Professional Business Mailing Address

Building trust with your business connections and clients is a crucial part of growing your company. But without a designated business address, some people may start to wonder how serious your company really is—or whether you’ll just disappear overnight. Having a physical address for your business lets you foster your relationships in a more professional way.

Your business mailing address gives contacts a concrete touchpoint for your company. They can find you on the map, and, if necessary, come to you for in-person meetings. This doesn’t exactly work with a home office or PO box mailing address. With another type of mailing address, though, you can easily create new possibilities for connecting.

Business Address in a Coworking Space

Setting up your business address within a coworking space lets you accept mail in a professional setting. The right location will have a minimal monthly cost for the benefits it provides. Just consider where you mail is being stored and handled. Is it placed visibly on your desk or in a public file cabinet folder that’s accessible by everyone in the office? Or is it securely locked in a private mailbox? The right business address will maintain your privacy every step of the way.

Coworking spaces also gives you the flexibility to book appointments in designated meeting rooms—often at a discounted rate. When you’re in the early stages of growing your business, this can be a great way to set the tone for your quality of service.

This type of arrangement allows you to scale your business. You might start out with a business mailing address, but as you grow, you can think about utilizing a conference room for critical business meetings or upgrading to a private office space at the same location. That way, you won’t even need to change your company address on any of your marketing pieces, online profiles, or official documents.

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