3 Ways to Rent a Temporary Office in Cedar Rapids

With the arrival of Office Evolutions® Cedar Rapids IA, businesses in Linn County have new options for renting short term and temporary office space. Our workspace solutions offer superior functionality and flexibility compared to traditional short term office rentals, helping Cedar Rapids professionals and businesses compete in an increasingly fast-paced economy.

Our temporary office rentals meet a growing need in the Cedar Rapids area. As in other American cities, demand for short term office space is on the rise in Cedar Rapids, as well as in surrounding areas like Marion, Robins, Hiawatha, and Fairfax. Increasingly popular with startups, frequent fliers, independent professionals, and even larger companies, temporary offices are new being used in a range of innovative ways.

Here are just a few examples of how you can take advantage of our short term workspace rentals in Cedar Rapids’ NewBo District.

Need Meeting Space? Rent a Temporary Office.

Hosting a meeting with clients, team members, or investors? Need somewhere to actually host it? If so, you’re far from alone. Thanks to new digital technologies, more businesses are operated from virtual offices, leaving them without proper meeting space. Traveling professionals face the same issue. If you’re visiting Cedar Rapids on business, you can’t bring a conference room in your carry-on. At Office Evolution Cedar Rapids, we offer two conference rooms and four day offices for exactly this purpose. Our space allows you to rent office space for a day or by the hour, giving you access to fully outfitted professional meeting space.

Temporary Workspace for Temporary Workers

Increased demand for temporary office space has coincided with increased demand for temporary workers. The two trends are closely linked, driven by a need for greater flexibility in the face of increasingly fluid market conditions. If your business relies on temporary staffing, that can lead to bloated workspace costs. After all, you need office space for periods of peak staffing. For many businesses, this means maintaining excess office space during periods of when it isn’t needed. Access to temporary workspace solves this issue. By renting an office for temporary staffers, or by signing them up for coworking memberships, you can avoid the costly overhead it takes to maintain extra office space.

Accelerated Growth, Reduced Workspae Costs

Over the past few years, the time it takes to scale a new venture has shrunk dramatically. Startups now regularly achieve eight-figure and nine-figure valuations within months of launching and can double or triple in size in a matter of days. In this landscape, new ventures need offices that support accelerated growth, and many of them are turning to short term office space for this purpose.

At Office Evolution Cedar Rapids, we offer temporary office space on flexible, month-to-month agreements, helping startups reduce their fixed long term costs. By offering pre-furnished, ready-for-use office space, we also reduce the short term expenses of setting up a new workspace. Even better, our spaces include a range of professional services, giving you the support your need to make the most of every workday.

Find Out More About Temporary Office Space

Learn more about short term and temporary office rentals at Office Evolution Cedar Rapids! Call (319) 249-2020 for detailed information and to schedule a tour of our offices in Cedar Rapids’ NewBo District.

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