6 Obstacles to Entrepreneurial Success

Hooray! You decided to do it! You’re an entrepreneur. Now for the real challenge, make your business a success. Don’t let these obstacles stand in your way:

  1. Expecting Perfection: Starting on your own will never be easy or perfect. Just go for it, take action, and ‘own’ your business. Let go of perfectionism and you will achieve better results.
  2. FEAR: Almost half of new businesses fail within 5 years. That’s a scary stat! But if you never try, aren’t you already failing? Entrepreneurs must overcome their fear of failing and rejection and this can be extremely hard. How are you going to feed your family and pay your rent? Trust in your business, work hard, and take the risk. Understand that the reward is going to outweigh the risk.
  3. Worry: You will worry daily, but worrying is not productive. Make peace with your worries; they aren’t going anywhere. Don’t let worry stop you from taking action and going after your dreams.
  4. Doing It All: Just say no. Write down your business goals and ask yourself, ‘What is essential?’. This will help you decide which opportunities or clients are a good fit for you. Be selective in what you pursue and accept.
  5. Working Too Much: Take time to relax, play, and rest. Successful people DO NOT work around the clock. A well-rested person will be more productive than a tired one. Downtime with family or friends can boost creativity and overall wellness.
  6. Focusing on Competition: Don’t get distracted watching others, focus on your business and what you can do today to make it better. Change your mindset and decide that you are your own competition. Take action to make today better and more successful than yesterday.

The big take away: embrace action! If you are not acting or doing, you cannot be a success. And never stop acting. The world is constantly changing and evolving and so should your business. Act now and let go of the worry, fear, and perfectionism that is holding you back. And if you need help, call me. I can help 319-249-2020.