Understanding the Psychology of Office Design

If you’re feeling a lack of motivation, creativity, or productivity at work, it might not be completely your fault. The way an office looks and functions can have a major impact on how you work. 

Environmental psychology is defined as the connection between people and their environment, and it most definitely applies to the office setting. When people are surrounded by things they like, they tend to be happier, more motivated, and more productive. But when you’re in an environment that does nothing to spur creativity, energy, or happiness, the opposite is true.  

Employers can no longer ignore the impact that the office environment has on the company. When employees aren’t in a place that’s conducive to the way they work, they aren’t going to be able to deliver their best.  

Some companies recognize the change and are shifting to create a better work-life balance, largely because of the increasing Millennial workforce who demand it. Millennials favor experiences, and companies hoping to attract this growing talent base is changing how the office looks and functions in order to accommodate.  

Let’s take a closer look at how the psychology of office design impacts the way you work and what you can do to create a mindful office experience. Read more

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