What is Office Evolution Anyway??

My husband and I have had our doors open for a whopping 2 months now and I have spend most of my time educating people on the company.

Coworking and shared workspaces are nothing new to the Cedar Rapids area

But Office Evolution doesn’t do it exactly like anyone else. The physical building is just the beginning. Sure, we have a shared coworking space and offices for rent, but…

We are more than just offices!

We also provide professional business addresses and/or phone answering services. For people who don’t need space, but instead need someone to answer their phone so they stop missing calls and clients or want an address other than their home address to use for their business.

When I think about all the benefits of being an Office Evolution member, it’s a no brainer!

How can we help you? Let me count the ways…brand new building with FREE onsite parking, high speed fiber internet, fully furnished offices with beautiful, new funiture, ALL utilities included, access to a kitchen with appliances that are nicer than what is in my house, FREE coffee and tea for everyone, access to copier/printer/scanner/fax, large and small high tech conference rooms for meetings, professionally trained call center answering your phone calls, highly professional image for your business, super flexible terms and agreements, and built in super friendly and helpful receptionist that you don’t have to manage or pay!

It’s all here and built into your monthly dues! Simple, authentic, and easy!

Maybe one of the best benefits is yet to come, although it’s hard to top the super friendly and helpful receptionist. Soon we will be able to offer our members…


Imagine what you could do if you didn’t have the obstacle of losing health insurance! Be your own boss, work in a professional business center, AND have health insurance for you and your family for a small monthly fee.

Office Evolution is a network of individually owned and operated business centers. Once you are a member of one, you are a member of all. We are known for the community that is created inside each center. Professionals and entrepreneurs of varied industries working, collaborating, and networking together. We’d love to have you be a part of our community. Won’t you join our Ohana?