White Noise in the Office: What is it and Why is it Necessary?

The Problem

Businesses are naturally busy environments with day to day chatter and conversations, phones ringing, keyboards clicking, and clocks ticking. All of this noise can make your workplace a less than ideal place to get stuff done. Your office is distracting, you might make mistakes, the noisy environment can cause anxiety and stress, and confidential information may be overheard. The solution is white noise.

What is White Noise and How Does it Work?

White noise, or sound masking, is a consistent, monotonous humming sound similar to a fan or air conditioner. The white noise sound is the same frequency as the human voice. White noise doesn’t block out normal, everyday noise, but rather covers it up. Our mind allows us to tune out the steady, continuous noise, and then the day to day noises of the office are more easily tuned out because they blend in with the white noise.

The Benefits

Reduced Distractions & Better Focus: All those annoying sounds that used to distract you will be covered up. On the other end of the spectrum, overly quiet environments aren’t very conducive for work either. White noise is the perfect solution.

Increased Productivity & Creativity: With fewer distractions, you will get more accomplished. An increase in focus can bring about better brainstorming, creativity, and more ideas.

Improved Memory Function: Many studies claim that white noise improves our performance of memory-based tasks.

Better Privacy: Conversations stay between the intended parties and there is less chance of information being overheard by those who shouldn’t hear it.

Higher Client/Customer Satisfaction: When clients know their information is secure and private, they will be more satisfied with your services.

Stress Reduction: If a workplace can reduce distractions, increase focus, productivity, memory function, privacy, and have happier customers, you better believe the stress level of that employee is going to go down.

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