Shared Office in Centerville: Affordability Meets Functionality

Office Evolution Qiigo Access | May 2nd, 2018

people working in a shared office in Centerville

A great workspace is like any other business investment, delivering strong returns at an affordable price point. This balance is a big reason why shared office space has become so popular in Centerville UT and throughout the Salt Lake City metro area. Shared workspaces have become widely known for their low-cost office solutions, and they’ve earned a reputation as hubs of productivity, innovation, and professional success.

At Office Evolution® Centerville, we see the advantages of shared workspaces on a daily basis. By leveraging the efficiencies and possibilities of a community-based workplace, we’ve created a more affordable and functional space for local professionals to do business. Here’s a closer look at how we’ve made this happen.

What Makes Shared Office Space Affordable

One of the chief benefits of shared office space is the cost-efficiencies generated by larger workplaces. At a typical office, important resources are shared by multiple employees. This makes these resources affordable on a per-employee basis. But in a one-person or two-person workspace, the per capita costs of these resources skyrockets. This makes things difficult for small businesses and independent professionals, who are left without the tools they need to compete with larger companies.

At Office Evolution Centerville, our shared workspace model reduces the cost of workspace and professional resources for members of our workspace community. Our coworking memberships are a low-cost alternative to working from home or the local coffee shop. We also offer budget-friendly dedicated desk rentals and affordable private office space within a shared workspace setting.

By adopting the shared office model, we’ve made professional-quality workspace available on practically any budget. What’s more, we offer incredible financial flexibility. Coworking memberships, dedicated desks, and private office rentals at Office Evolution Centerville are all available on month-to-month lease agreements. This way, you can avoid long-term fixed expenses and adopt a responsive approach to market conditions.

Workspace Innovation in Centerville UT

A shared office environment like Office Evolution Centerville doesn’t only reduce the cost of workspace. It also creates a more innovative and productive work environment.

Cost-efficiencies play a big role in shared workspace functionality. As we mentioned earlier, these spaces make shared resources more affordable on a per-member basis. At Office Evolution Centerville, our shared office memberships and rentals include a range of inclusive and/or discounted features, including:

Community is another important factor. Research has shown that members of shared office communities report stronger morale, productivity, and job satisfaction. Workers benefit from the freedom of choosing their own schedule, from working side-by-side with professionals of diverse backgrounds, and from the collaborative atmosphere found in shared work environments.

Visit our office today and see the benefits of joining a shared workspace first-hand. We’re easily accessible from Bountiful, Farmington, Kaysville, Layton, and Davis County. Call Office Evolution Centerville at (801) 326-0208 to learn more and book a tour of our shared office.