Centerville Conference, Meeting Room, and Day Office Rental

In the Centerville, UT offices we acknowledge that you have needs outside of working at a desk. Conference rooms and meeting spaces are a critical part of conducting business. Whether you are having an internal team chat or you are presenting to an important client, all of us here in Centerville, UT want you to have an impressive, professional meeting space that influences the quality of the experience and potentially even the outcome of the meeting. The Centerville conference rooms and meeting spaces are designed to strengthen your presentation and add credibility to your company. We want you to settle in and feel at home here in our Centerville offices, and we want your clients to be comfortable and focused on their interaction with you — not distracted by their surroundings.

The professional experience extends beyond the conference room, meeting space or day office. Office Evolution Centerville, UT is an easily accessible location with free parking for you and your guests. Members of Office Evolution Centerville enjoy a discounted rate on conference room, meeting room, and day office reservations. Individuals who are not members and who are renting meeting spaces as-needed, enjoy all of the amenities we offer: complimentary tea and coffee, wireless internet, access to printers and copiers, and a front desk receptionist that knows how to brighten anyone’s day.

Our conference rooms and meeting spaces can accommodate up to 10 people, with two rooms to choose from so you have the configuration you need. Whether your meeting is big or small, you’ll never need to meet someone at a coffee shop again. There’s also no pressure in leasing or owning a private office, conference room, or meeting space, because we’re here when you need us. Schedule ahead of time online, over the phone, or come on in. We would love to meet with you.