Conference Room Space in Charleston

Thanks to technological innovations like video chats, messaging services, and VPNs, more people than ever have the freedom to work remotely. However, even if you have an established home office, or are perfectly happy to camp out in cafes across Charleston, there may be times when you need a private space where you can meet with clients, conduct important video conferences, and generally present a more professional face for your business. At Office Evolution® Charleston, we provide exactly that with our conference room bookings.

Book a Conference Room for More Professional Interactions

Whether you can’t hold a conference call at your home office without the WiFi stalling or the kids barging in, or you need a more professional space to meet and win over a prospective client, booking a conference room through Office Evolution Charleston can grant you access to an ideal office setting to suit your needs.

Not only is our office space located in a fashionable area of Downtown Charleston, but our conference rooms are fully furnished in an attractive style that is both functional and ready to impress. There are three rooms available to reserve by the hour, as well as essential resources including white boards, projectors, screens, Wi-FI, and conferencing systems at your disposal.

All in all, our conference rooms enable you to hold an effective meeting while presenting a polished and professional image for your clients, vendors, or business associates. You can even treat your team to a post-meeting meal at the many local restaurants and cafes nearby.

Reserving a conference room in Charleston on an as-needed basis is ideal if you only require access for the occasional meeting. However, if you often find yourself in need of a more established business environment — a place where you can focus, conduct confidential conversations, access high-quality equipment, and engage with other local entrepreneurs — then it may be time to go a step further.

As part of our Professional and Professional Plus plans at Office Evolution Charleston, you automatically gain $60 worth of conference room time plus discounts, as well as access to equipment, kitchen amenities, internet, and a team of dedicated staff to welcome clients, assist you in meeting set up, and generally support your professional efforts.

Learn More About Our Workspace in Charleston

If you’d like to learn more about our office space in Downtown Charleston, or wish to check our room availability for an upcoming meeting, we’d love to welcome you to the Office Evolution community. Call Office Evolution Charleston now at (843) 203-9048 to book a conference room.

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