Coworking in Charleston

Since opening Office Evolution® Charleston, we’ve helped champion our local coworking movement. This movement has helped local companies be smarter with their workspace investments. It’s limited the amount of money wasted on dead office space. And it’s helped companies discover a more collaborative, more open approach to office design in Charleston, SC.

But if you want to make the most of coworking, you need to be careful about where you set up shop.

Some shared workspaces have made a name for themselves with trendy décor and clubby amenities. But many of these spaces make it hard for members to focus or perform productive work.

Meanwhile, a number of other business centers have hopped onto the movement without getting what makes this movement special. Their spaces function like any other office, without the shared features or sense of community you’re looking for in a coworking space.

That’s where Office Evolution Charleston has always stood apart. Our mix of focus-friendly features, small business services, and professional amenities create an ideal work environment. At the same time, our sense of community makes us the perfect place to expand your professional network.

About Our Coworking Space

At Office Evolution Charleston, you’ll find a number of features that make our shared workspace special. These include design choices that encourage productivity and focus, services designed to accommodate small businesses and freelancers, along with customizable plans for our members.

Here’s a quick look at what to expect when you join our coworking space:

  • 24/7 access to our shared workspace area
  • Bright, modern design and ergonomic furnishings
  • Free, unlimited access to high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary gourmet coffee, tea, and filtered water
  • Discounts on meeting room and day office rentals
  • On-site support throughout the business week
  • Flexible terms, including month-to-month plans

We also offer ways to customize your plan and save on small business services. This is a great choice for entrepreneurs who are looking for virtual office services, like a business address or live telephone answering.

Located in the Heart of Charleston

Our coworking space also offers the advantage of a premium location. You’ll find us on King Street, at the heart of the city’s historic district. This puts us within walking distance of top shops, hotels, and restaurants, as well as some of the biggest employers in our area.

Our location makes us an ideal location for professionals and entrepreneurs based in the following areas:

Learn more about our coworking space in Charleston by calling (843) 203-9048 today!

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