Different Types of Office Space for Rent in Charleston

If you’re looking for office space for rent in Charleston you have multiple options. The city’s market for office space includes traditional workspace rentals, plus innovative workspace options at places like Office Evolution® Charleston.

Whatever your workspace needs, it’s important that you find the right space for your business. So here’s a quick breakdown of the different types of office space for rent in Charleston.

Traditional Office Space for Rent in Charleston

Right now, Charleston contains a wide range of newer, more innovative workspaces. But the majority of office space for rent in Charleston is still traditional office space. Typically, this means…

  • Fixed, long-term rental agreements
  • Unfurnished workspace
  • Few inclusive utilities or services

Despite rising demand for non-traditional workspaces, many businesses prefer traditional office space. A traditional office takes longer to set up, but it can be customized to a greater degree. And while it typically requires a longer commitment, this can lead to savings for long-term tenants.

Innovative Office Space Rentals in Charleston

If you’re looking for a less traditional workspace, Charleston offers a number of options. Innovative business centers like Office Evolution Charleston offer innovative office space for rent to independent professionals, startups, sole proprietors, and small businesses.

Short-Term Rentals

If you’re looking for a short-term office in Charleston, it’s easier than ever to find a temporary workspace in the city. At Office Evolution Charleston, for example, you can rent a dedicated office for as little as one or two months. We also offer day office rentals, which can be rented by the hour or the day.

Flexible Agreements

Need a longer-term agreement, but want to avoid a fixed lease? More offices in Charleston can now be rented on flexible agreements. At Office Evolution Charleston, for example, you can choose a month-to-month or year-to-year lease. This gives you freedom that a multi-year lease would not offer.

Furnished Workspace

On a longer-term lease, it makes sense to outfit your own workspace. But when you’re renting a short-term office, or when you need to get up and running quickly, a furnished workspace makes more sense. That’s why offices at Office Evolution Charleston come fully furnished, with ergonomic seating, ample desk space, and secure storage.

Professional Services

Today’s efficiency-minded and fast-moving business landscape, demand for executive services has skyrocketed. At Office Evolution Charleston, we include things like our phone answering and business address plans, which help our members work more effectively and use work hours more efficiently. We also provide a wealth of inclusive features and amenities, including free coffee and tea, discounts on meeting space, onsite printing/scanning/copying/faxing, and more!

Office Evolution Charleston is an ideal choice if you’re looking for short-term, flexible, furnished, or serviced office space for rent in downtown Charleston. Our business center is a popular hub for professionals in Charleston and nearby areas like North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, James Island, West Ashley, and Isle of Palms.

Learn more about office space for rent in Charleston by calling Office Evolution Charleston at tel:(843) 203-9048 today!


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