Is a Private Office in Charleston, SC Right for You?

How to Know When to Move to a Private Office

The right office space is essential to running a successful business. You need access to the necessary tools your business needs to thrive, space to keep the creative juices flowing and yet you don’t want to overspend on space the company doesn’t need. Charleston, South Carolina is one of the most expensive cities in terms of property in all of the Southeast.

This means you need to make every dollar count. The city does provide plenty of financial benefits, including the continual influx of tourists, but to protect your company’s bottom line, you need an office with all the amenities and a lower price tag. Office Evolution is now in Charleston and provides several different office options, including a private office. Is a private office right for you? There is no universally correct answer, so to determine this you need to look at the benefits available and weight it against what your business requires.

How Do You Prefer to Work?

Realistically, this is the most important question you need to answer. A private office is exactly that: private. You have your own office, your own desk, chairs and door, separating you from the rest of the office space. Some people work better when they are on their own, closed off from distractions and other people. Others prefer to have some interactions between professionals, which can help generate creative ideas. Only you can answer this as you know yourself better than anyone else.

If you just need office space but don’t need to be closed off from other professionals you can look into a suite of shared offices. Office Evolution has the ability to create a personalized office that works for your particular needs.

Private Office vs. Home Office

If you need a private office, you need to determine if a private office is better than a home office (or should be used as a supplemental office space). If you have the room for a home office you have all the amenities of home. This can also prove detrimental as the number of distractions quickly goes up. From having the ability to watch television, work on chores and even take naps at home, you may find it is simply too easy to perform tasks that are not work related. With a private office, you can remove all of these distractions. Plus, with a private office, you can still conduct small meetings within the space of the office, which may be difficult at home.

Some Benefits of Using Dedicated Office Space

A private office has an assortment of benefits you simply do not receive at home. In fact, the benefits you receive here are often greater than what you would receive if you rented out your own traditional office space. Some of these benefits include:

  • Fully furnished office
  • Unlimited long distance
  • Wi-Fi Internet
  • Full service kitchen
  • Receptionist
  • Access to printer, fax and copier
  • Access to business lounges in all Office Evolution locations

All of these benefits in a traditional office setting costs money. You need to purchase furniture for your office, pay for long distance and other phone services, Wi-Fi can quickly become expensive, and a receptionist requires the addition of a full-time employee with salary, Social Security and benefits. All of this can add up quickly. With our inclusive office space, you save money while receiving a host of benefits.

Move to the Next Level

If you’re considering your own office, Office Evolution Charleston has the space and benefits capable of taking your business to the next level.