What’s the Best Mailbox Rental in Charleston for Businesses?

If you’re looking for a mailbox rental in Charleston, SC, you’ve got three basic options.

The first option is renting a PO box at your nearest post office. For many years, this was by far the most popular option for renting a mailbox. Many small business owners still prefer the simplicity of renting a PO box, but others are looking for a more robust option.

Your second option is to rent a mailbox at a private mail center or courier service. These mailboxes offer the same basic benefits as a PO box. But unlike the post office, private mail centers provide a number of additional services and products, targeted specifically at professionals and business owners.

The third option is a mailbox rental at a local business center, like Office Evolution® Charleston. Business centers offer many of the same features and services as a private mail center — but thanks to a range of additional perks and amenities, they’re ideally suited for modern entrepreneurs.

Why Rent a Mailbox at Office Evolution Charleston?

We make it easy to get a mailbox rental for your business. On a Business Address plan, you’ll get a private, lock-and-key mailbox in our business center, just like a PO box or mailbox rental at a local mail center.

You’ll also enjoy a number of features designed specifically for entrepreneurs:

Business Address

A PO box gives you a private mailbox, but it doesn’t give you a proper business address. At a private mail center, you’ll get an actual street address. But if anyone looks up that address, they’ll know it’s a mail center. With our services, this isn’t an issue. Each mailbox comes with a business address just like one of our offices.

Parcel Management

Our Business Address plans include parcel services. We can accept packages from couriers on your behalf, store them securely until you can pick them up, and notify you of their arrival. This is comparable to the parcel services you could expect at a private mail center, but something you wouldn’t get with a PO box.

Add-On Services

Our business center has a lot more to offer than a private mailbox rental. With a Business Address plan, you’ll automatically receive discounts on meeting room rentals at our business center. You can also upgrade your plan to include a Live Answering plan and 24/7 access to our co-working space.

To learn more about our business mail services, give us a call or visit our location. Our downtown location makes us ideal for anyone based in the Charleston area, including North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, James Island, West Ashley, and Isle of Palms.

Need a mailbox rental in Charleston, SC? Call Office Evolution Charleston at (843) 203-9048 today to learn more!

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