Why We're Charleston's Source for Hourly Office Rentals

At Office Evolution┬« Charleston SC, we’re best known for month-to-month office rentals agreements, popular with small business owners in Charleston who are looking for high-quality, short-term workspace. But what if you need a workspace for an even shorter term, like a couple of days or a couple of hours? In that case, we’ve still got you covered. Our daily and hourly office rentals make it easy to rent office space for small meetings, on-the-fly collaborations, or short-term business visits to Charleston.

With a day office rental from Office Evolution Charleston, you get more than a bare-bones workspace. Our day offices include the same features and functionality that distinguish our standard office rentals, including comfortable furniture, professional services, and workspace amenities. These advantages set us apart from other day office rentals, making us Charleston’s source for hourly office rentals.

What You Get with an Hourly Office Rental in Charleston

When you rent office space by the hour, small details can make a big difference. With a typical office, you can customize your office in whatever way works best for you. With an hourly office rental in Charleston, you don’t have that luxury. You need a space that’s immediately ready for use so that you can make the most of every minute.

We kept all of this in mind when designing our day office rentals. When you rent office space for a day or by the hour at our business center at Office Evolution Charleston, you’ll see this reflected in a number of different ways…

  • Fantastic Location. When we were choosing a location for our offices, we wanted a space at the heart of Charleston’s business community. Located on historic King St., we’re minutes away from Charleston’s thriving professional district, and within walking distance of five-star hotels, popular restaurants, and other amenities. This makes us the perfect place to host a business meeting or rent office space on a business trip to Charleston.
  • Productive Workspace. Every office at Office Evolution Charleston is designed for productivity. Our hourly office rentals are no exception. Each office includes ample desk space, comfortable seating, a private phone line, and high-speed internet. We’ve also incorporated research-backed principles of productive workspace design, helping you get the most out of your time at our workspace.
  • Professional Amenities. At Office Evolution Charleston, we’re all about finding innovative ways to make you as productive as possible. That’s why we include a range of professional amenities when you rent office space by the hour, by the day, or by the week at our location. We offer onsite support, front desk reception, access to printing and meeting equipment, plus unlimited coffee and tea for you and any guests.
  • Dynamic Community. Our professional community is one of the biggest perks of renting an office at our business center. As one of the most active and innovative coworking communities in Charleston, we’ve attracted a dynamic community of freelancers, professionals, and entrepreneurs. This makes our business center the perfect place to grow your network or to feed off the energy of driven, ambitious professionals.

If you’re based in the Charleston SC area, we invite you to learn more about our hourly office rentals. Our offices are open to professionals from Charleston, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, James Island, West Ashley, Isle of Palms, and the surrounding areas. They’re also ideal for traveling professionals who are visiting Charleston on business.

Book your hourly office rental with Office Evolution Charleston or request additional information by calling us today at 843-203-9048.