Studies have shown that having office plants in one’s work space:

  • Decreases stress.
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces sickness and absnece
  • Produces cleaner air
  • Reduces noise
  • Increases creativity

…among other things (check out CIPHR’s blog for more info on these!). In line of celebrating the abundance of plant life flourishing outdoors in Colorado’s luxurious weather, this week’s post will focus on hardy office plants to brighten your work space and help you reap all the benefits mentioned above!

  • Aloe Vera. This plant is extremely easy to care for, thrives in most every condition so long as there is light, and can actually be harvested to reap even more benefits without harming the plant (skin salve for burns, cuts, and can even be eaten). The long green leaves grow upright out from the center; they droop when they don’t get enough sunlight, and turn brown when they have too much. They do well in cactus soil, and only need to be watered once the soil has completely dried. These sometimes even produce “babies” which make great gifts to fellow coworkers or associates!
  • Orchids (phalaenopsis). Orchids have a reputation for being complicated and tricky, but in truth their care is actually quite simple. Orchids ultimately thrive on benign neglect; they are low light plants and only need watering every 7-10 days. Watering can be as simple as placing a few ice cubes on the roots, and they should be good to go so long as they are in a well-draining pot (they don’t like their feet to stay wet). The blooms are beautiful, and can come back every 6-24 months, depending on the plant.
  • Peace Lily. These attractive lilies are tolerant of air conditioning and low light, making them ideal office plants. They additionally droop when they need water, which is only once every few weeks. The soil should stay moist, but they are more likely to be over-watered than anything. They can grow quite large and be a very impressive, attractive specimen to add some tropical ambiance to your work space. However, if you own cats or dogs, these are poisonous to them and are best not utilized in a home office.
  • Lucky Bamboo. Bamboo needs little more than light and water, and they can be placed directly into an attractive vase with decorative rocks, submerged in a few inches of water, no soil required. Simply replace the water every few weeks, and watch it grow!
  • Golden Pothos. One of the most popular of all houseplants, the golden pothos is extremely durable, can be potted, or even kept in vases with water for periods of time. They are great for purifying the air, can have long, rope-like strands of leaves that can be re-arranged as needed.

Some of the office plants mentioned you may happen to see around our offices in Cherry Creek and Lodo, so keep an eye out! Whatever plant you choose, be sure to research at least a little bit in consideration of your office lighting and size to select a good fit. The better the fit, the more benefits are sure to be reached by housing a happy, healthy plant!