Holiday Season - Sing it with me:

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

Every year when the snow starts flying the lyrics from Andy Williams start to flow through my mind. I know I’m not alone on this, or in feeling the slightly less cheerful mood that 2020 has brought to us all. I thought I would share my thoughts with you all this year in the hopes that it would help you too.

There are so many holidays this time of year, and I do not wish to hurt anyone. I recognize that I celebrate in one way, but all of you may celebrate in another. I hope that everyone can substitute for their own practices or relate simply because of the time of year. This is based on my own personal background. #IBelieveInSanta

I have always been “that” friend. The one who goes over the top for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. This is my season of joy. I found myself wanting to delay decorating. I’m not sure if it was because I was afraid that my joy would be less and it would make me sad. Or if the spirit of the season just hadn’t kicked in yet. Either way, I finally got my inspiration and did it anyway. The change in my mood and those around me was instant!

2020 might not be the year I was expecting to see, but that doesn’t mean it should rob all of the joy of this of year from me. There was an overnight change here in the office–people are starting to perk up so it seems we all needed it this year. How do we capture this and keep the momentum rolling? Is Christmas Magic something that can only be harnessed in the bitter cold days with less daylight? Are the bright colors and lights, the feeling of Ohana and community, something we can capture and carry with us as we prepare to enter 2021? Yes.

After being sent to work from home at the beginning of the second quarter 2020, and nothing looking like getting back to “normal” since, it is time to start living in the new UNusual world we are in. I am thankful to be back in my office, doing things that help other businesses thrive instead of just survive. I am going to have this Most Wonderful Time of The Year propel me into a brighter 2021. 

I work in a Shared Work environment, there are rules limiting the number of people here just like anywhere. We have our own spaces and with the large square footage, we can easily see each other and socially distance to maintain sanity in what would feel like a closed-off world. These people offer different views and insights that come from their life and work experiences. We have a need to protect those in this family as much as the families we all go home to. We support each other and are rewarded with respect, wealth and gratitude. Because we’re in it together and believe we can strive for improvement.

We are a community, an Ohana. We are dreamers, risk takers and doers. And we have space for you too. Besides, who knows? Maybe I’ll leave the decorations up throughout January.