Telephone Answering Services in Cherry Creek: 9 Key Data Points

At Office Evolution Cherry Creek, we’ve seen the impact that telephone answering services can have on local small businesses. Most small business owners struggle with telephone reception on one level or another. They miss important calls during meetings, find their workflow derailed by spam callers, or spend so much time managing their phone that they lose valuable work hours.

Telephone answering services — like those offered by Office Evolution Cherry Creek — can minimize or outright solve these issues. Best of all, these services cost a fraction of what your business would have to spend on a dedicated receptionist.

Modern telephone answering companies offer two types of remote reception service: live answering and virtual reception. Which one you choose will make a big difference on the quality of service. To help you choose, the team at Office Evolution Cherry Creek has compiled key data points on telephone reception for small businesses and where answering services make the biggest impact.

Where Do Telephone Answering Services Make an Impact?

  1. Small Businesses Miss Nearly 2 in 3 Phone Calls. A full 62% of calls to small businesses either go to voicemail or get no answer. Remote reception services ensure someone picks up.
  2. 7 in 10 Calls to Voicemail End Without a Message. Voicemail alone isn’t enough to minimize customer service complaints, as 69% of callers hang up on answering machines.
  3. Half of Consumers Dislike Virtual Receptionists. Virtual reception services perform poorly in customer service surveys. 47% of people consider not getting a real person a negative customer service experience.
  4. Almost Everyone Prefers Live Answering. In a recent head-to-head comparison of live answering and virtual reception, 90% of people said they preferred live answering, 7% were undecided, and 3% preferred automated systems.
  5. Automated Systems Perform Poorly in Customer Satisfaction. When consumers are asked how well different answering systems handle their customer service needs, virtual receptionists manage to satisfy callers only 10% of the time.
  6. 6 in 10 Callers Can’t Stand Hold Times. When comparing remote reception services, pay attention to hold times. 60% of consumers believe that anything longer than a minute is disrespectful.
  7. Spam Calls Cost Small Businesses $500M Each Year. Small businesses lose more than half-a-billion dollars in productivity to spam calls each year, making call screening a vital feature for reception services.
  8. Reception Services Add 100 Hours to Your Work Year. Telephone answering services from Office Evolution Cherry Creek save two hours a week for the average client. That’s 100 hours of added productivity each year.

Telephone Answering Company in Cherry Creek, CO

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