The Perks of Executive Office Suites in Cherry Creek

Over the past several years, small business owners in Cherry Creek have been turning away from traditional offices in favor of newer, more innovative workspaces. Attracted by the coworking movement, a number have made the transition from home offices and coffee shops to shared work environments. Thanks to a new wave of executive office rentals, coworking spaces have also attracted small business owners looking for private office space.

At spaces like Office Evolution® Cherry Creek in Denver, CO, executive office suites have proven a magnet for solopreneurs, startups, and forward-thinking small businesses. Harnessing the benefits of the coworking movement, while retaining the privacy of dedicated office space, modern executive suites are uniquely well-suited to the needs of today’s small business owners.

The Benefits of an Executive Office Rental

If you’re a small business owner in Cherry Creek, Glendale, Wash Park, or pretty much anywhere else in metro Denver, you’ve felt the impact of the coworking movement. Denver was one of the first cities to embrace the coworking movement, helping transform the region into a hub of innovation and investment.

The coworking movement led to the rise of a new type of office rental. Coworking spaces began to offer private office rentals, which offered the privacy of a dedicated office, combined with the proven benefits of coworking.

But these spaces offered something even more attractive to small business owners. By distributing costs, these spaces provided small business owners with features, services, and resources that were previously unaffordable or unavailable to small business owners.

Solopreneurs and startups in Cherry Creek could now rent executive office suites at comparable rates to what they’d pay for traditional office space. Meanwhile, they’re able to enjoy a range of features and benefits unavailable through a typical office lease. At Office Evolution Cherry Creek, for example, here are just a few of the features included in our executive office suites:

  • Pre-furnished, ready-for-use office space, with ergonomic furnishings and productivity-boosting design features.
  • Professional service plans, covering features like live phone answering, front desk reception, and parcel reception services.
  • Access to professionally furnished and equipped meeting space, plus guest amenities to help businesses woo clients and investors.
  • 24/7 use of our on-site coworking space, plus unlimited access to other Office Evolution coworking spaces in Denver and other cities.

You can experience these perks and more by renting an executive office suite at Office Evolution Cherry Creek yourself. To get a feel for our community, we invite you to pay us a visit and see our workspace in action. Or simply give us a call to learn more about everything our executive office rentals have to offer.

Call Office Evolution Cherry Creek at (303) 376-6225 today for more information on our executive office suites or to schedule your visit to our workspace.