When Does Month-To-Month Office Space Make Sense?

Short-term office spaces have their benefits, but when do those benefits make sense versus leasing an office space for the long term?

As for month-to-month office space, the benefits largely revolve around budgets and business uncertainty. Solopreneurs and startups don’t have deep pockets like larger companies and established corporations, so they need to watch every dollar as closely as possible as they start growing. They might not have the funds to pour into buying desks and chairs, tables and printers, and coffee machines and inspiring decor. Yet these things are needed to create a functional office environment.

Also, new businesses don’t have the luxury of being able to forecast their future needs. Businesses can’t always predict with accuracy how quickly they will grow, how many employees they will have on their team in the coming year, and how much office space they will really need.

If money, flexibility, and the future of business are important priorities, then a short-term office might make the most sense. Learn more about when a short-term office space could be in your best interest and where to find one near you. Read more.

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