6 Signs It’s Time to Swap Your Home Office for a Cherry Creek Office Rental

Office Evolution | August 23rd, 2017

Office rental in Cherry Creek provided by Office Evolution Cherry Creek

Once your business has outgrown your home office, an office rental is the obvious next step. A home office can put a ceiling on productivity and profitability, and it can hamper your business in a competitive market like Cherry Creek. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to make the switch from your home office to an office rental with Office Evolution® Cherry Creek.

Your Home Office Puts Limits on Your Business

A spare room or converted bedroom is a great place to start a business. But home offices have drawbacks, particularly for growing businesses. More than a third of entrepreneurs report they struggle to scale their business and/or gain new clients from a home office. These issues are some of the biggest reasons why Cherry Creek professionals switch to our office rentals from their home offices.

An office rental at Office Evolution Cherry Creek may be needed if your home office is leading to any of the following six problems…

  1. Trouble Increasing Revenue-Generating Hours. A home office can limit the time you spend working on revenue-generating activities. Distractions are frequent, and you’re forced to cover low-priority tasks like phone management, parcel reception, cleaning, and equipment upkeep.
  2. Problems Marketing Yourself to New Clients. Some clients won’t turn up their nose at a residential address on your business card. Others might. You could also struggle to meet and sell yourself to new clients if you’re isolated from local professional networks.
  3. Issues with Space, Furniture, or Equipment. You designed your home office for a smaller business. Now that you’ve grown, you need more space, equipment and/or supplies to run your business the way it needs to be run.
  4. Work Overwhelming Your Home Life. To be your most productive, you need a healthy work-life balance. That can be difficult when you work from home. Work can overwhelm your personal life and poor boundaries can cause personal concerns to distract you while working.
  5. Distractions Hurting Focus & Productivity. Distractions at home don’t just limit the amount of work you’re able to do, they also stop you from being as productive as you should be. Children in particular can impact your performance if you need to work long hours.
  6. Denver it too Big to be Limited to 1 Location. At Office Evolution Cherry Creek, you have access to 12 Colorado front range locations plus many more nationwide.  

Office Rentals with Office Evolution Cherry Creek

An office rental with Office Evolution Cherry Creek is the perfect upgrade from your home office. Our Private Office rentals offer Cherry Creek’s entrepreneurial class a number of key advantages over a home office set-up:

  • A private, dedicated workspace where you can focus on high-priority work.
  • Fully furnished offices with the essentials you need to get up to speed quickly.
  • Your own professional mailing address and dedicated mailbox.
  • Access to co-working space and professionally outfitted conference rooms at 12 Colorado front range locations + others nationwide.
  • Staffed reception and phone answering to limit your administrative workload.
  • A professionally focused location, with easy access to Denver, Glendale, and Washington Park.
  • A thriving community of professionals, perfect for networking within the Cherry Creek area.

For information on available Private Office rentals, call Office Evolution Cherry Creek today at 303-376-6225!