Celebrating Women (March) Women’s History Month

The first Women’s day took place on February 28th, 1909 in New York City. In Europe the first International Women’s day was on March 8th, 1911. We eventually graduated to celebrating women’s week, but In 1987 Congress extended it to a month per the request of The National Women’s History Project. The reason we celebrate women’s history month is so we can educate everyone about how far women have come, and not just famous women ordinary women too. Each and every woman has changed history in her own way! This Year’s theme for 2016 “Working to form a more perfect union: “Honoring Women in Public Service and Government” www.nwhp.org/womens-history-month/2016-theme/ At Office Evolution in Chicago we have two women we’d like to celebrate. Claudia Badillo – is an attorney who concentrates in consumer bankruptcy. She was born and raised in Chicago and is of Mexican and Colombian descent. She is a native Spanish speaker. Claudia is a board member of the Puerto Rican Bar Association, a member of the Hispanic Lawyers Association and the American Bar Association. Claudia actively participates in “Career Days” at local schools. https://www.badillolawyer.com/ Mrs. Deidra Taylor-Cubias – is currently working in the education field and holds several degrees. Deidra founded Alliance Advocacy a non-for-profit organization in August of 2015 which concentrates on Foster Care and shelters. Deidra was born in Mobile, AL. her mother was a nurse and her father a school teacher. Her parents, while no longer living, continue to be her biggest mentors having made a huge impact on her life. The long term goal Of Alliance is to empower children to breaking habits that lead to trouble in school and the community. https://www.allianceadvocacy.org One of the programs Alliance has is PiGee’s Reading Chest created to help children get motivated and excited about reading. Along with PiGee’s packs a backpack initiative – providing clothes, and personal supplies to children placed in emergency foster care. https://twitter.com/PiGeeForReading Both of these women serve the public and work in government related fields, it is an honor to work with them and celebrate them in Women’s History Month. *photo from https://www.nwhm.org/