Why Rent a Virtual Address in Chicago?

Operating a small business in Chicago no longer requires dedicated office space. Instead, you can run a small business from home, through a coworking space, or even out of your local coffee shop. But without a proper business address, you can run into issues as an entrepreneur. The solution? A virtual address.

Renting a virtual address from a business center like Office Evolution® Chicago offers a number of benefits for small business owners who lack traditional office space. These benefits touch on areas like marketing, branding, and parcel deliveries, along with savings on additional services.

Advantages of a Virtual Address in Chicago

Branding & Paperwork

A mailing address can be a surprisingly useful tool for branding as a small business owner. Leaving your address off of business cards, invoices, and other materials—or including it, but using a residential address instead of an office address—can damage your business’s image. With a virtual address in Chicago, you’ll be able to include a mailing address that looks just like a regular office.

Parcel Pick-Ups

Many business owners deal with frequent parcel deliveries, which can be difficult to manage when working from home. A business mailbox rental fixes this problem, giving somewhere to deliver and hold incoming parcels, with the option of collecting your parcels when it’s convenient for you. And unlike a PO box, a business mailbox can accept parcels from couriers.

Online Marketing

Without a physical location, your business may depend on online marketing for leads. But if you don’t have a proper business address, you might not be able to access certain marketing channels. Renting a business address solves this dilemma. It will allow you to maintain your online footprint as if you had a physical office, making you more visible to your local market.

Meeting Space

At Office Evolution Chicago, our business mailbox rentals come with discounts on day office and meeting room rentals at our location. Minutes away from O’Hare International Airport, our location is a short drive from areas like Park Ridge, Rosemont, Des Plaines, Morton Grove, Norridge, and Harwood Heights. Best of all, you’ll be able to meet at the same address used for your business, maintaining the image that a virtual address is meant to provide.

Professional Services

As a small business owner without a physical office, there are other valuable resources you may wish to access. With Office Evolution Chicago, these resources can be had at a discount by packaging them with a virtual address rental. Our upgraded plans include features like live phone answering and coworking memberships, allowing you to do more for less!

Call (847) 380-1078 for more information on virtual address rentals in at Office Evolution Chicago.

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